Congratulation Kevin Glenn

Revenge is sweeeeeeet :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Was it ever. You could see him taunting the fans after his first TD. That's what you get for running the guy out of town for literally no reason. Mike Kelly fails at life.

Mike Kelly fails at life...

:lol: :lol: :lol: .

Not to mention the $50K Kelly screwed Glenn out of. Hopefully Glenn will make that back in Grey Cup Champion endorsements this year.

Glenn the qb for the blue and gold today and they will be playing next week. What was Winnipeg thinking? Wow, mistakes big time letting him go.

Thanks Kelly

You tool!

Yes, way to go Glenn!

A real pro, who is no doubt a better person and a better QB for the personal and professional adversity he went through.

It's also got to be an inspiration for Porter and all the players.

That's an excellent point Captain about Porter, excellent point! I really think Porter in the long run will be an excellent qb in this league. Let's not forget the influence of Khari Jones, I love this guy.


I only hope that the Winnipeg media don't let him off the hook easy after the game. I hope they ask him about letting Glenn go at the start of the season and not take "no comment" for an answer...I'm looking forward to his answers, excuses, idiot comments or all of the above :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Go Glenn go

The Ticats acquiring both Kevin Glenn and Arland Bruce III have made some, shall I say, interesting story lines for both the Bombers and Argos this season. Very interesting acquistions. And excellent acquistions I say.

Cannot believe this thread no-one mentioning the chances Bob O’ took to sign both players with a bit of baggage attached to them… They don’t have an award yet for GM of the year in the CFL… Hmmmmmmmm

Kudos to Kevin for sticking it to the Professor on his way to bouncing his ex-team from the playoff picture. :slight_smile:

Excellent point PJ!

I heard it was 150k!

The sweetest moment was reading Micheal Kelly's lips after the last pick 'why the @#$$ did you throw that ball!?' lol

Did Kelly throw Bishop under the bus yet publicly?

No but he will. Although Bishop did not have a great game, his receivers did not help him much… He’s still a scary QB to play against. I was not confident until we scored off the interception late in the game. Bishop can engineer a TD in three plays from deep in his own end at any time in the game.

Is the lawsuit between Dunigan and the Cats out of the courts yet :wink: :wink: :wink:

Hey Earl, I totally agree with you about Khari - I can't believe the Bombers didn't bring him in here to coach the qbs. He's had a very positive influence on your qbs and Glen's performances in the last 3 weeks are the end result. He looks like he's back to his 2007 form and it's easily the biggest mistake the Bombers have made in the last 10 years.

Well BigBlue, the reason Winnipeg didn't hire Khari Jones as QB coach, or anyone else for that matter, was because when he took over, Kelly said that 'no one' was going to touch the QBs except him. And, in his mind, Stefan Lefors was ready to be a quality starter in the CFL and that's why he released the Albatross.

Advantage Albatross.