Congratulation Corey, Coach of the Year

A big cheer and some well deserved recognition to Corey Chamblin on being named Coach of the Year. I must also acknowledge Brendon Tahman who worked with Cory on who to bring in this year. These two were with out doubt under tremendous pressure to make it to the Grey Cup. I think if everyone was to be honest the disappointment of not doing so would have been huge. Lets not kid ourselves here folks the spotlight of being a Rider whether it's a player or a coach or even Gainer has both it's positives and negatives. Sure when things are going well your on top of the world and get treated like Royalty, but when things are not going so well I'm sure there are times some of the guys would like to sneak out of town until things cool down. It's a double edge sword and not an easy thing to handle sometimes. Cory did a great job this season of keeping both the highs and the lows in perspective.He said after every game it's like starting at game one again next week. I think this helped the players a lot to keep focus, sure it's nice after a win to feel good but he didn't want them to get to high and not give it their all the next week. The same thing after a lost he didn't want them to dwell on it and lose their confidence in their abilities.
Brendon Tahman, man I was wrong about you. When they first hired you as the GM and basically you were a figure head with Miller running the show I wasn't impressed and frankly would have gladly seen you off at the bus station making sure you had only a one way ticket out of town. In 2012 with you actually calling the shots and making the deals things showed signs of improvement, but what you and Mr Oday and Cory put together last year was pure brilliance. The Rider's defense has always been suspect and sometimes a bit of a joke but last year none of the other teams were laughing. This defense had an edge, a bite to them, and calling themselves the wolf pack was appropriate. They hunted like a pack and they attacked like a pack. They also supported each other as a pack. I hope they can continue the trend and even grow stronger, meaner, hungrier.
So to Mr Tahman and Mr ODay for bringing the talent to the Riders I want to say thank you. To Mr Hall and Mr Cortez for getting the plays and players on the same page I want to say thank you and of Course to Mr Chamblin who like a good politician kept everyone in check and in balance and for molding the individuals into a team I want to say a big thank you and congratulations again on being named Coach of the Year. You deserved it now go and do it again this year. :cowboy: