you guys got a top 3 qb in this league, and one of the best leaders. grey cup hamilton 2007 :wink:

i'm converted to a hamilton fan haha

Well, anyone who thinks this mess with Maas is legit has to be living in some kind of bubble of denial. However, Edmonton has the cup and that is never going to change. We have Maas now and that is the only thing that is important. Go Cat Go. We're back with a vengence in '06!

he's also in the top 3 quarterbacks i hate

congrats on getting a great the ticats should be contenders next season.

It'll make it fun in Hamilton if nothing else. The most intense QB playing for the most intense head coach. The fireworks on the sidelines alone would be worth the price of a ticket.

How can you hate him?!

I'm gonna get a Maas jersey.