congrats on your well played victory from toronto,

you throughly laid a beat down on defending champs in there own house..

and i like how phillion delivered soem hot sauce on damon allens ribs on some hits, thats how you do it........

cant wait fort he grey cup,


enjoy it while it lasts, als fans 8)

congrats als, a most impressive win, good luck next week.

GO ALS!!!!!!!!!

BRING IT HOME!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you all.

I'm so glad I get to see yet another Alouettes game before the offseason. Just that is a Christmas gift already.

I'm still enjoying my trip sunday to T.O.., man does it feel good !

Hey T&T we saw your fat ugly grin on the jumbotron there, I almost puke that Molson Canadian I had :wink:

Too bad you werent with the GoAlsGo gang, Strickland gave us the EAST Champ trophy in the stands !


XGamer, I did not get to touch the East Championship trophy, BUT, up there in the ScotiaBank box, we've been given the "EAST DIVISION CHAMPIONS" caps that were also given to the Als players.

The guy from ScotiaBank told my girlfriend and I (the only two Als fans in that box) "I think it's only fair that you guys get them first." I even received mine before the Alouettes players got theirs. I was the first with that cap. Eh !

Also, I was given an official CFL Football with the 2005 Grey Cup engravement on it. Like the ones they'll use next week. Sweet!

And, as if it wasn't enough, when we got in the room, they gave us a Damon Allen Argonauts' jersey. But since we were not wearing ours, the very caring ScotiaBank manager told us "I wanted to give you something you'll like to wear, so I called the CFL and made an arrangement to give you two Alouettes jerseys instead of Argos ones." And these jerseys are being mailed to us as we speak.


Nice still didnt touch the trophy :wink:

Great prizes!!!!!

Well that was your year :slight_smile: great gift ! I'm glad you had a blast !