lol i know A LOT of you prolly arent my best friends :stuck_out_tongue: but i want to say congrats even tho it didnt quite go your way. this is a grey cup that will never be forgotten and the riders of 09 have etched their name in history regardless. they proved they deserved to be the west contender and showed they deserved the grey cup over the als IMO, if you want to look on the positive all you have to do is look at your young qb, who played well above his experience, look forward to the rivalries continuing next season! congratulations again!

Thanks, Jake. To next year for all of us in the mighty CFL :rockin:

Ill Second that! Im enjoying my crow pie! MMmmMmm!

Kudos to the team for a hard fought game. No one thought this game would be close. We proved the experts wrong!

Riders in 2010!!

Durant is the next Doug Flutie. If he stays healthy, he will rewrite the record books.

Please share what ever your smoking! Durant was on his game, and the WHOLE team played INCREDIBLE, but to compare him to a CFL great is a bit much! To each thier own ! Still probbibly the best game of the seasion lastnight :smiley: