Your O-Line was a big reason why you guys won today.......we got little to no pressure on Glenn, and the receivers could get open. Your D made us earn every yard we got also.......

Good fans at the game too......I'll never understand why people take sports so seriously as to hate others to the point of starting fights, but some good-natured razzing is always good.

Overall, a fun game, despite my team's undisciplined game, and can't wait for Friday.

Yep game was awesome, I didnt see any fights (was in section 24) and thought it was relatively friendly with the exception of a couple ticat fans trying to single out argo fans. There was this drunk guy infront of me getting ejected by a cop and he was making the most hilarious faces at the women in the stands. :lol:

8) Thanks for the congrats !!!
  For a change, I really didn't see any fighting or any real problems at the game today  !!!

  There was a heavy presence of Hamiltons finest at the game also.  Maybe that made a difference !!

The offensive line did well at pass protection, but did not open many holes for Cobb. And the D did well. There had been a few too many missed tackles by them recently, but not so many tonight. Pickett seemed to show lack of experience, holding onto it too long sometimes, and he threw a few bad passes, including that pick.

What else will we hear about what happened from fans as they report what happened at the game?

Sat in Box H.

Had one guy standing up, screaming at the top of his lungs (literally for half the game) yelling at Pickett, and how he was going to do things to him and his family, etc.

Had 2 Argo fans try and start a fight with 2 Ti-Cat fans in Section 5.

Saw a fan razzle #94 of the Argos, to the point where cops had to interject.

Yeah........not convinced that Pickett is the answer.

It's weird though, they're a better run team with Joseph (in the sense that he can scramble and he does the play-action handoff better), but a better passing team with Pickett (his throws aren't as consistently short).

But, overall, a fun environment. I'm a vocal fan, but I do so in a fun way, in the sense that I try to make silly remarks to get people laughing.....I dunno, they seemed to like me......made friends with many Cats fans throughout the game.

Well be fun a Game back in TO on Friday See ya there
Thanks for the Congrats :thup: