I guess. I'm glad to see Hamilton is showing that potential I've been seeing, but couldn't you have done it against another team that nobody likes like Edmonton?

Thank you for the congrats and cheers on the good sportsmanship.

ty and Cheers and I hope we do it again against the blue Birds lol next Sat see you all there GO CATS GO

The Lions will Bounce Back .. There staff is too good for them not too

Right on fellas, the east is alive and well.

....kudos to the Cats on a nice win....even the time-zones couldn't take that one from ya...Should be an interesting game up next.... :thup:

This is one of the most classy posts I have seen. Pure class and thank you

Hey, we didn't give up 9 sacks or 7 turnovers! 3 more games and we may bounce back high enough to win!
But seriously though, I'm as optimistic about the Lions as the TiCats. I predict both going 8-10 this year. Its about time the faithful in Steeltown have something to cheer for and it looks like Porter may be what you all have been waiting for.