Very good. The Riders diserved the win. Would love too,but can't,(make excusses), no excuses. Looking forward to a great Grey Cup, Too bad it's in Toronto and not on the praries somewhere. May the best team win. By the way, as a 40 yr. plus Lions fan there is only one truisum for us, Gloat when you can. We'll be back.
Again, congradulations.


Congrats Sask. Looking forward to the game next week and if you guys win, I will say Congrats again.

Somehow I congradulated the Rider posters on the main forum, but neglected to post a congradulations here:


Well done Riders. You wanted yesterdays game more than my Lions did. Austin really had the team prepared and you could sense it looking down at the bench. 5 Turnovers. Wow! Made our offense look pretty ordinary. We only had one long sustained drive all game.

I think you will win your third Grey Cup. I beleive Austin will have your troops ready for a Winnipeg team using their second string QB.

As I always support the West.....

Go Riders Go!
West is the Best!