Congratulations to Charlton Keith for winning defensive player of the week. Well deserved! Also congrats to Richie Williams and Nick Setta for their nominations. Hopefully we’re moving in a positive direction and finish the season strong!

Go Cats Go!

A bit redundant don't you think?

An Argo-Cat fan

Unless of course he works for the Department of Redundancy Department.

Yeah! How dare a fan congratulate a Ticat player!

Shame on you!

  • paul

Give credit where credit is due!

how hard would it be to find this

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Did anybody notice the typo in The Spectator today announcing that he had won the offensive player award? :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually pretty hard since he started this thread at 227pm and that thread wasn't started until 658pm. :wink:

burn ...........

ouch ....didn't notice this was actually older than the other .My assumption was this was brand new (much like myself)).

My apologies

I forgive you. :smiley: