Congrats Winnipegers

The distraction is no longer there. The future stadium will be fairly reasonably located, (take route 90) onto the perimiter highway then down Bishop Grandin. . . all roads from there lead to Asper's dream.

But yes, finally, the gig is up. I am a reasonable man, but by no means am I a stupid individual. I can live with this plan for the stadium.

But, from all angles we're on board whether you like the u of m site or not. It's going to be fun watching the old barn go down in a heap.

so the pool ain't lopsided at all huh there big?

but really transport there is easy enough for me. go down lagimodiere, down bishop, then onto pembina where i can turn towards the school. but really there is no big roads other then pembina that will move at any speed to get 30,000 plus out of that area. its going to be a bigger H-e-l-l then it is no leaving polo.

No - you get no argument from me there. But you have to know when to hit the breaks apart from that.

....once everybody gets there...(Fort Gary is pretty familiar to me)....the problem will be ...where the hell do we park....I believe there's quite a few university parking spaces available... but that ain't gonna do it...there will have to be a lot of car pooling or you'll have to 'tram' it ...unless Asper has some other parking intiative in the works?????? :roll: :roll:

The other problem that out of town fans face, is a lack of hotels around the the present location there are several with in walking distance. Of course we will have some growing pains in the new location, but in my pro Bomber bias opinion....I'm all for the new deal..

re; u of m asper's stadium

This parking thing has got to be a joke.

A simple conversation with my dad, which revealed, there is more than enough land to easily occupy a 30,000 stall parking lot adjacent to any infrastructure within the u of m already.

It is simply a non-issue; parking is just another cop-out mediocre journalistic expose for winnipeg free press writers or winnipeg sun. Take your pick.

The stadium is a go.

Nice Post BIG, the university sees an average of 20-30 thousand people a day, parking is a non issue, and the rapid transit along with the park and ride will help alot as well.

Again parking is just another POOR ARGUMENT/EXCUSE by anti-asper, NON BOMBER FANS, they just keep looking dumber and dumber with each post, point proven!

...heh don't count me in that bunch....i'm just expressing a concern that had been brought forward by the freep...i also left it open for discussion by saying....MAYBE....Asper has another parking initiative...IF they can develop parking area adjacent to the new site...great...i'm all for it... :roll: :?

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...the post was ruled to be in poor taste blue$gold4ever, therefore the edit stands....I would suggest cleaning up your style to avoid further edits of your material.... seem to be a knowledgeable individual, so drop the insults and your contributions to the BB forum be far more valuable to the debating community...thanks...

My apologies Red, Just was trying to pove the right facts, i'll tone it down!!

...I think you have a very good grasp of facts going on in bomberland, it is tough to argue with someone armed with solid info and references to back it up...thanks in advance for toning down, it'll keep everyone happy and the ones you are debating against will appreciate your arguments better....

...and I hope Winnipeg gets a new stadium soon no matter how it comes about...

  1. Shovels aren't in the ground yet
  2. The Funding isn't in place

Who says the U of M stadium is a "go"?

Guess what? IT'S NOT.

This is Winnipeg. I see the "stadium debate" going on for another 15 years or so.

Oh and Canad Inns Stadium is a DUMP.

Should've been demolished 15 years ago.

This is far from a done deal. The only deal done was an announcement by Asper and UofM. No funding is in place. No real commitement from the gov'ts. Both levels of Gov't have not forked over any cash. And city council would need to approve selling Polo Park site to Asper. This property would fetch top dollar. So don't expect the city to give the land to Asper for a song and dance. That may have worked with the Bomber BODs. But city council won't be easily fooled.

It may not be done yet, but there is very little that will stop it. The government funding is basically for the U of M and public sectors of the project, Aspers $100M takes care of the private side. Governments have a mandate to fund healthy living and facility development to that end. Asper has finally gotten it right, third times a charm.

If Polo Park was Asper's top choice (and most Bomber fans top choice), then why didn't he just offered to put up $100 million for that site?

Not that it really matters... but it's a question I'd like to ask him.

Personally I liked the Point Douglas site the most. It was just too ambitious I suppose.

That's a relevant observation, and I'll tell you why.

Asper dropped the ball on each and every proposal he cited. No other reason than that, jets07. The question you offer will fall on deaf ears as if that proposal (i.e. polo'p) didn't even exist. Thus, Asper realized he dropped the ball straight out of the gate. If you ask that question, it's like a trying to find a needle in a haystack, that's just the way it goes.

This proposal, for all it's shortcomings, simply is a last resort that actually does benefit the fans, simply because it's a new stadium. This only involves the due diligence from which Asper corrected the glaring holes he left behind in his past proposals (which are now dead in the water.)

The mistakes that were made, were accidentally corrected or stumbled upon through the u of m bid. The real issues now to be considered are impartial, only because amenities such as hotels for out of town fans are sparse in that immediate area. The location isn't perfect, but that hardly rests on Asper as incompetent as it looks. A new stadium far outweighs the trivial aspects, which will be talked around a lot. The answer to the loss of fans, will be the growth for the university based fans (younger+student demographic) which Asper's camp will play that card with. Not saying it will override the material profitability of the franchise, but again a new stadium is what wins in the whole deal.

Overall, Asper had made this a doable proposal.

No one can say it's full proof, but the cracks are nowhere as near as big.

Therefore, a new stadium is in my estimation the best bet. I say an announcement is in the works now.

Formally, you will not read a better indication of what this proposal signifies^ on any other surface of the topic. What you've read is the straight up goods.

Does the UofM deal still hinge on Asper redeveloping the Polo Park site?

If so, I would guess that he can put more money into the UofM deal because he can develop the whole Polo Park site without trying to fit a stadium in too.

From an outsider, this UofM proposal seems like a win-win.

A Win Win for who ?

Governments have a mandate to fund healthy living. Not a mandate to build a stadium or fund a toy for Asper. The feds will see this as a joke. People in the Federal Gov't are not that stupid as Asper thinks. It's 3 strikes your out. I wonder what the next annoucement will be. Build a stadium in the Delta Marsh.