Congrats Winnipeg

On the amazing ticket sales for the Jets, or whatever name they become known as. Good on ya. I see a new champ on the block for merchandise sold for a Canadian sports team.

Thanks taleback.

Sales of Bomber season tickets still seem to be benefiting from the announcement. A post at the Bomber forum said he went to the Bombers office yesterday to get season tickets and the line-up was coming out the door. :thup:

...Thank-you taleback...The Peg is sarting to re-gain it's rightful stature as a prominent sports city in this country...It's been awhile.. :thup: :rockin:

Boy, is it ever nice to see hockey back in a real Canadian sports town. :rockin:

From the Bombers website:

The Winnipeg Football Club is pleased to announce that they have reached 18,800 season tickets sold, which eclipses the record of 18,642 season tickets that were sold for the 2008 season when the team was fresh off a Grey Cup appearance.

“What an exciting day for the Football Club and Bomber fans everywhere,? said Blue Bomber President Jim Bell. “To be at a record high in season ticket sales is a testament to not only football fans in our province, but sports fans in general who have ignited this city with pride over the last few weeks. There are still two weeks left to purchase season tickets and we’re eager to see where that number will close. It’s been a long offseason and we’re looking forward to what the 2011 season will bring.?

Fans have until June 23rd to purchase season tickets.