Congrats Winnipeg

That was a great game. You beat a very good team. Your GM was on Ottawa Sports radio on Thursday and was really dejected sounding. But he promised to do Ottawa a favour.
Thank You Winnipeg.

I tell you, for a 0 - 4 team, it was probably one of the biggest wins I can remember, nice to finally have our staarting qb back, and for those of you who forgot, hes been out the last three games, next stop Toronto.

I can't believe this. How much pressure is on the Cats now. I can't friggin' understand the CFL this year. It's like something out of the Twilight Zone. This better mean the Tabbies are gonna whoop the Lions!

yah sure, keep dreamin'.

unless Danny Mac steps in a time machine and becomes 25 again, im pretty sure the lions will pull it out

Winnipeg beating Montreal is probably the upset of the year so far. I wouldn't surprised that it won't be the only upset this season. Nonetheless, Winnipeg's win is a huge upset.

Congrats to the Bombers and all their fans. A huge upset! But Montreal also deserves some congrats as well for almost pulling off a huge comeback. A vey entertaining game to watch.

No question - best game of the year so far. And the Wes Lysack hit is definately that biggest hit so far this year. GREAT game ... I lost my proline ticket ... but i'm quite happy about it. I've been saying it all along .. there is nothing wrong with Glenn ... He's our guy..

Only thing that would have made this day even better ... was Crosby playing in Canada ... ah well ...


What a game!! I thought they’d lose it on the missed convert. Also, when you’re ahead by 15 points with 5 minutes to go…why the hell are you going for it on third down with well over a yard to go when you’re only at you’re 40 yard line. Finally, that squib kick late in the game was the most retarded thing I’ve ever seen. Jim Daley isn’t too bright and Winnipeg is lucky to win that one, even though I am a Bomber fan, I still think Daley isn’t the right guy for the job. Poor decisions.

Well I certainly agree that the squib kick was a bonehead move....but whether it was Daley's call or Westwood's is unclear to me.

That said, no question, this was the best game of the year for entertainment value by game I've watched in years. Congrats to both teams for intensity, character, and effort.



and from this hopfully Winnipeg will get their NHL team back.

What is up with this bomber team, last week they are involved in one of the worst cfl games in recent memory against the esks and this week one of the best. Is this team going to be scarey bad, scarey good or just plain scarey.

I was surprised that most people in Winnipeg want K.Jones back, according to TSN.

Well, I wouldn't call the Eskimo game one of the worst. It was a great defensive battle. Sure, there were a few crappy plays out there, but the D played their asses off. I hope the last 2 weeks is a sign of things to come. Remember a few years back when they went 0-3 or 0-4 (sorry, can't remember) and then then had a 12 game win streak? Maybe this victory is what we needed. Beating one and almsot the other of the top 2 teams in the league? Impressive!!!

Kangahide, I wouldnt put much stock in that, I havnt heard one bomber fan that I know wish that, btw, Glenn is now 5 - 2 at home as our starter, Ill take that.

Yeah dj, its good to see this team is playing desperate, win ugly or win pretty doesnt matter, just win anyway you can, and the defense effort in EE last week was outstanding.

What a great game. Clearly this is what makes the CFL the best entertainment value anywhere. Back and forth, one big play after another. Which begs the question, the East is wide open this year and the way the Gades are playing, and yes they should have won on thursday, any of the current three teams could finish first.

GREAT GAME...GREAT ENTERTAINMENT.....good result......I would question some of the coaching calls made by Daley in this one, but the squib kick was apparently not called from the bench....I don't know what Westwood was thinking....or if he just shanked it.....when he came off the field Daley went right over to him and had a friendly chat with him....this one puzzles something in the works for Troy.hmmmmm....anyway keep it up BigBLUE....I know there's lot's of talent on this team....the BOMBERS beat a very good club and almost beat another very good club the week before.....maybe they are going to be known as the new cardiac kids. :arrow:

ummm… no

For a Second i thought Jim Daley was trying to write the book, "How to loose any game, no matter what the lead!"

  1. Going for it with 11 minutes and you are up by a whole bunch?
  2. Squib kick! Fine time to screw up
  3. Can't run off 48 seconds on the clock, they punt before using up all the time they can.

Awesome notes:

  1. Charles Roberts. Wow. He should buy the O-line and the coaches a big meal. They saw something in film and they used it.
  2. Wes Lysack. What a HIt.
  3. Ben Cahoon. What a hit. Gets up and chases the ball. What a Player. He still went on to catch a touchdown. He never goes down, and never dances in the endzone. A true Player.

Glad to see BB to get a win!