Congrats Whitlock

One thing Hall has done right is to keep this kid. I probably wouldn't have, and I'd have been wrong.
Congrats Arkee on a job nobody else has been able to do!

Whitlock is a machine, he is like a reincarnated Barry Sanders. This man never gives up, is almost impossible to tackle one on one, you need 4 players to tackle him--

The man is money, so fast, so quick, so good, so elusive, has potential to be best in the CFL--

the thing that most impressed me about him was that at the beginning of the year he had a bad problem with fumbles...and he was able to get passed that and learn ball security...when your a young player in the league you almost seem to underestimate the speed of the d and think...they are never going to catch me so i dont need to protect the ball...and he got over this within a couple games...shows great coachability congrats whitlock