CONGRATS WGP (From A Cats Fan)

Listen… Bombers look GREAT. They were the better team. Even in a world where I was the head ref, I think Bombers win. that said… WOW. What a disgusting display of officiating. The phantom call on Lawrence, the 2 no-call offensive P.I on WGP mixed with the offensive P.I on Hamilton… I stopped watching.

I was in Florida watching the game with non CFL fans and they ALL AGREED that the officiating was insanely one-sided. And here’s the thing… I told them that it’s like this almost EVERY GAME. No one in the room that was from the USA will ever watch a CFL game again. The officiating was so absurdly one sided that it makes the game no fun to watch. Again… I am a TiCat fan, and again I believe WGP has the better team, but the calls tonight were UNREAL. As were the NON CALLS. The Hamilton offensive PI was FAR FAR FAR less than two of the WGP touchdowns where Bomber receivers threw HAM defenders to the ground.

And please… SOMEONE PLEASE, show me where there was defensive PI on a Hamilton stop where #21 was called. Not only was there not P.I, NO ONE ON THE ENTIRE HAMILTON D TOUCHED ANY WGP PLAYER on the play.

Mix that with objectionable conduct calls (that cannot be reviewed) and the only flag thrown on WGO was an OBVIOUS intentional grounding and I’m at a loss. There were so many no calls VS WGP.

I want to be clear, WPG was and is the better team. They look great. But the officiating was ABSURD! AT some point this will happen to YOUR TEAM. And I can’t wait to see the comments. What a joke.


I’m a football fan so I’m def mostly biased against all refs haha😜 but I only ever get the real he and his crew dont like us feeling from Proulx and I don’t think I’m alone. Wish someone would ask the guy why he’s harder on Hamilton.

Forget outcomes, we lost and we deserved to that’s fine but this reffing was pretty one sided and just overall bad.

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Yup. we would not have won tonight most likely. WPG looked very good. But the officials made sure of it. A blatant phantom call that lead to a WPG td and 2 no-calls on WPG tds that were far worse than a Hamilton OPI. It all adds up and effects the play calling. Fun for WPG fans until it goes against you. I hate it, Call it both ways FFS


What?! How was that a disgusting display of officiating?

Those refs were worth every penny we paid for their one-sided services. It was an investment that paid off handsomely. We faired much worse on our beard trimming initiative however. O’Shea has not touched the heavy duty gas powered shaver we left on his front porch. So we’ll just have to live with the ‘Team Hobo’ look a while longer.

Thanks for the ‘Congrats’ Kmarch. We’re all hoping that BLM learns how to hit the broadside of a barn again soon. We Bomber fans wanna see a nail biter from start to finish next time (we meet in September I think). :Good Luck you guys!

:bombers: :beaver: :partying_face:


Cheers. Can’t wait to be equally as cheerful when your team ages out and hits the skids.

…and its coming.


Of course. What goes up and defies gravity for too long eventually crushes us like the bugs we are. Hopefully this doesn’t happen until we’ve won our 5th or 6th Grey Cup.