Congrats Wally

Now the Lions all-time winningest coach with 57, surpassing Don Matthews' 56.

All the best Wally, and I hope to see many more with you on our sidelines!

57 wins to be the all time winniest coach... thats brutal

I'm going to bite my tongue with this one seeing at this post is coming from a Rider fan. I'll cut you some slack.

umm why are you cruising the forums when your team beats their biggest competition this year instead of being out celebrating...

I'd love to but I'm sick, have the flu/fever. Not feeling so great.

Dude, being sick is not ballin! Ive been sick for 3 weeks. Its pissin me off.

Oh and congrats to Buono..

Dawg, yous a gangsta and we be real homiez

payce, aight?


just playin'

In case there is any confusion,

Wally has the most regular season wins
in history for a Head Coach of B.C. Lions'

not the most all time wins
as a CFL Head Coach, Squirrely.

Thanks for clearing that up ron. I really hope Wally has a few more years in him, his coaching impresses me more and more every year.

The Lions really cannot afford to lose this guy.