Congrats Vancouver !

Been reading the various articles on the "new" BC Place and what a jewel Vancity has in its downtown. Awesome job... Nothing greener than renovating structures. :thup: Enjoy it and you should be very proud.

i agree, yet, if you to go the bc lions section of this forum, many are compaining already. 'too far from the field' & 'lipstick on a pig' were a few comments i read there.
spoiled brats, IMO.

Lol, no kidding. We’ve got a lot of whine down in these parts.

I can’t wait for the game tomorrow and I recognize just how fortunate we as football fans are.

People here will complain about everything. we have really become a snooty bunch.

Vancouver: The city of whiners and bandwagon jumpers.

the Sun gives the new BC Place rave reviews:

[url=] ... 55116.html[/url]

About 18 minutes before kickoff, the plan is to blow everybody away in one incredibly overwhelming roof-raising extravaganza of light and sound.

And then to follow it with what B.C. Lions president Dennis Skulsky promises to be an “unprecedented and unparalleled game day experience never before seen in Canadian sports history.?

Just prior to kickoff Friday between Edmonton Eskimos and the B.C. Lions, the plan is to pull the cord to open-the new parachute-like roof at the new BC Place.

“I don’t know if I’m giving away any secrets, but we want to open it. If the forecast is for only 20% rain or less, we will open it just before the game and let everyone see it,? said Brian Griffin, the director of stadium construction.

“It takes about 18 minutes. And if the roof is open and it starts to rain, it stays open. We have an amazing drainage system that can handle 70 millemetres per hour. We can play in the rain.?

It’s the grand opening of the new BC Place, which cost local and provincial governments a combined $563 million without significant controversy — unlike the bloodletting involving a $450-million arena which would totally transform downtown Edmonton.

First fans are going to be hit with the full effect of all the bells and whistleS together in combination with the second largest HD video scoreboard in North America to only the Dallas Cowboys in their new stadium.

It is impossible not to be overwhelmed by the 68-foot wide (38 foot if you are sitting in the endone) $6-million board with a picture so sharp and so large that nobody will be watching the actual game on the field Friday, guaranteed.

The windows which circle the top of the wall structure to the stadium now, all contain LED lighting.

There’s a LED ring around the upper deck which is about twice the depth of the one across the road at the Canucks games. And more LED lighting at field level. The sound system is sensational. It should be overwhelming.

Given a sneak preview along with Vancouver columnist Cam Cole the day before the Lions players get their first look at the place Thursday, it was easy to declare it the best, big sports building in Canada the minute it opens. Which, for a $563 upgrading, it probably should be.

The tour was provided by stadium manager Howard Crosley, who used to wear No. 6 playing for the U of A Golden Bears under coach Clare Drake in the early ‘70s. And it was hosted by B.C. Lions president Skulsky, the ex-Edmontonian who witnessed his first CFL game in the Woodwards Knothole Gang section of Clarke Stadium for 25 cents in the 1960s.

“This is a bit of an upgrade,? he laughed.

Skulsky was like a proud papa as we took a tour of the place which features a new German turf significantly different and even more grass-like to the state of the art FieldTurf recently installed in Commonwealth Stadium.

“We won the coin toss,? said Skulsky of how the decision was arrived at to have the Lions open the stadium.

“Bob Lendarduzzi of the Whitecaps made the call,? he said of the soccer team boss. “He called tails. It was heads. You should have seen his face.?

The Whitecaps will open here in the 26,000 version of the stadium Sunday, where a push of the button brings hydraulically controlled lower seats forward and a canopy down from on high to make for more intimate gatherings.

For football or soccer, it’s an you-gotta-see-it-to-believe-it experience when you sit in the seats which are now 20-21 and 22 inches wide instead of 17, 18 and 19 and were installed in three months — and tell me again why it’ll take three years to put the new wider $12 million worth of green seats into Commonwealth Stadium.

The place looks pleasantly different on the outside, of course. And it has the same feel in the concourse and in the bowels of the building excepth for the 1,140 flat screen TVs scattered about.

Unfortunately the seats themselves, a strange scattering of gray and red meant to not make the place feel as empty as when the crowd is less than capacity, don’t knock even one sock off. But they’re wider and the stuffy joint now has outside airflow through the building which the other day turned a 30 degree day outside to 21 inside.

How long will it be before there’s controversy when the Lions suddenly get a bit of a breeze behind them for an important field goal?

Can't wait for tomorrow... making the trip home from Stoon just for the occasion!

i just set the PVR to record the whitecaps game sun. oct 2nd 4pm.
i want to see how it looks in the soccer configuration.

someone in the ticats forum is saying that BC Place is getting a name change. 'Telus Centre'.
can anyone confirm this?

They are working on a naming agreement that will be released shortly (from what I've been reading)... All reports point to 'Telus Centre'

cool. im curious what telus is paying per year.

i think 'telus centre' suits the new look with all those support beams and LED lights and all.

Congrats Vancouver; will be a dandy of a game.

That would be me I think drummer_god; I’ve been reading up on it also and other names out there are; Telus Park - Telus Stadium - Optic Park.

Telus stadium sounds better then Telus centre, IMO.

Vancouver should bid to host a Wrestlemania at BC place. not that im much of a wrestling fan ( prefer the classic WWF stuff myself ), but WM does bring alot of money into the host city, and would also showcase the new stadium to a worldwide audience.

I wonder if people in Green Bay called the renovation of Lambeau Field "lipstick on a pig"? :?

the only thing worse that telus is rogers.

I would love to see pattison get the name rights, or comrie.

Brick House works for me.

FYB, slowly, like Toronto, Vancouver will be assimilated by Rogers and become "one". 8)

[url=] ... 61746.html[/url]

Wally Buono told his team before they arrived at their remodeled home here Thursday afternoon to go out there and feel free to be fools.

“You’re allowed to be fools until 4 p.m.,? he said of the B.C. Lions walking into their new $563-million renovated den for the first time.

“You can act like school boys until four. Come down here and have your lookie, lookie day, have your pictures taken in the locker-room and have your pictures taken on the field. But when it’s 4 p.m., it’s time to leave and be a pro and get ready for the three hours you’ll come back to play here.?

This year the wow factor roles are reversed.

“Last year we entered our new facility for the first time the day before we played the Lions and they came out and beat us,? said Edmonton Eskimos’ quarterback Ricky Ray.

There are those in the Eskimos organization who believe they made a huge mistake by not getting the team into their new dressing room and $125-million worth of improvements at Commonwealth Stadium until the day before the game. It proved to be an overwhelming distraction.

“It’s not going to be a distraction for us here this year,? said Ray of coming in to play the Lions who got their first peak and practice in the facility at 3 p.m. Thursday.

“Half our guys have never been in this place before,? said Ray, who along with receiver Fred Stamps and coach Kavis Reed took a cab here an hour before the Lions showed up while the rest of the team checked into an airport hotel. Meanwhile, Buono gathered his team to stay overnight in a downtown hotel.

“We have our own goal and it’s not to check out this new stadium and see how the roof opens and closes,? said Ray.

“I’d say 60% of our players have never been to BC Place before. This is their first time in the city and the first time they’ll see the stadium,? said Reed.

The new head coach will bring them to the place an hour earlier than normal Friday to try out the new turf. But he intentionally booked them at the airport hotel to keep them away from downtown Vancouver.

Reed wasn’t here to remember how it worked last year at Commonwealth Stadium when the Eskimos moved into their new home.

Throughout all of training camp none of the players had been allowed a sneak peak. When the ribbon was cut, an entire herd of overgrown, bull-in-a-china-shop sort of guys looked like kids in a lineup on their first trip to see Santa Claus. As they entered it turned into Easter as they searched the state-of-the-art room to hunt down where their game uniforms were hanging in their individually inscribed locations.

While you could hear the ooohs, it was mostly the awe. And there was a lot of cheap talk about how a dressing room and a $125-million Commonwealth Stadium renovation might win a football game the next night.

And then they went out the next night and played it and ... 10 points.

That’s all they scored.

The last time the Edmonton Eskimos had scored 10 points in a home opener was way back in 1973.

That was five years before Commonwealth Stadium was built.

The Lions ran all over the Eskimos in a 25-10 embarrassment to open a Grey Cup hosting season on empty. B.C. would go on to lose their next seven games.

One thing that isn’t going to send the Lions into some sort of state is their dressing room. It’s the same as the basic visitors room except for the Lion logo painted on the floor.

But the rest of the building wowed em.

“It’s exciting,? said veteran Lion Angus Reid.

“You’re eyes really do pop coming in here.

“I can’t believe it’s the same place. The field is fantastic. And it’s going to be fun to watch the replays of the plays we make on that scoreboard,? he said of the second largest video board in North America.

But a distraction on game day that could stop the Lions five-game winning streak?

“Wally made it clear all week. Get your lookie, lookies out now, take a look at the scoreboard, check out the dressing room, look around, see where your family will be sitting. There really will be distractions. But we can’t lose track of why we’re here, even for a second.?

It won’t be like this three weeks from now when the Eskimos come back here to play again. But this game sets up like few games these two teams will ever play.

here is a multi-part tour of the new lions den: [url=] ... start=true[/url]

i've heard 45,000 tickets have been sold for tonites game. after watching these videos, hopefully they get the sell-out they deserve.

So pumped! Flight leaves in 4 hours...