Congrats. Tommy Condell

Masterpiece of half time adjustments. We out coached somebody for a change.

With Condell, it seems that the first half is used just to set up the big plays in the second half.

Seems to be working so far.

Beats the hell out of last year’s "oh, shucks, well, we tried, maybe next week " approach of last year.

Or…“in my 7495737263 years of football I’ve never seen an offense that good. It’s impossible to stop them”.

Yes, the Condell offence comes alive again after half time

The Defence also played well in the 2nd half despite losing so many players to injury and ejections

This team has been a 2nd half team since Dane took over

I have to admit that Condell’s play calling today was much better than in other games. He did make some questionable calls early on but after half-time his play calling was very good.

590 yards of offense good.

Good thing we weren’t being blown out in the first half and the defense held tight in the second half.
This allowed Tommy and the offence to work their magic and get a very entertaining win!

Argos third time allowing 400+ yards passing this season

Condell does a good job of tailoring the offence to the defence. Sometime so much so that people say it’s boring. But so long as we keep winning I’ll take boring. This game showed what they can do when they let loose, like in the second half. I liked June Jones exciting offense last year, but he once said in a interview about the run and shot " It doesn’t matter we the defense does we run the same offense". It showed against some of the teams last year. Plus it seems that the players respect what Condell is trying to do and that goes a long way.

Condell outcoaches 1-8 Argos.

Who hasn’t outcoached the Argos?

Anything less would have been a debacle. 8)


But you said it would be close. I’m sorry you were disappointed yesterday. All the fans I saw and talked to were pleased

Cats win comfortably claims self-appointed VP of HTC lore.

It’s funny. For the first 3 quarters all you could see and hear in the stands was agony and disappointment. None of the fans looked too comfortable until it became a 2 score game with only 1:43 left in 4th quarter.

Have to agree with Krisiun. Most around us were very concerned with shaky offence and Dane’s play throughout the first half, with the exception of the first drive. Most common reaction when he dropped back was “throw the damn ball!?. When the first half stats were posted, we were stunned to see how close they were. The guy next to me said “it sure didn’t feel that close?.

The second half and mostly the fourth quarter to final third was a complete reversal. Fans gradually got back into the game, but very few were comfortable until Bethel Thompson started to overthrow those long bombs, and LH’s final field goal was made.

I guess we have to get accustomed to these late game rallies, until the offence develops some consistency, and Dane develops more as the number one guy.

Maybe offense will struggle next game and theyll lose and then you’ll feel better. Be more optimistic.

Come on Dork, that’s a big stretch from what Krisiun said. Even for you. I don’t read his comments to say that any Ti-Cat fans would have felt better with a loss.

It was a close contest for most of the game, against one of the bottom feeders. Plenty of fans around us were nervous about the outcome until that final field goal. As always, one or two plays either way could have just as easily resulted in the bad guys tying, or even winning it.

Hard to tell sometimes around here. It really is.

Geez Dork, did you before or do you now work as a political party spin doctor? Quoting my comment out of context to express the opposite of what I actually said is really a cheap shot, even on social media.

Not out of context at all. Team is 9-2. And for some to admit they are wrong or even just simple word of praise is too much to ask. Been like that all year.

Okaaaay … I think I will step away at this point, other than to say that I, for one, am happy with the latest win, and with the team record, but I have to admit that getting there has made me quite apprehensive and anxious during the games.