O.K. , the ARGOS suck right now :thdn:

NO , Q.B. :thdn:

The good news for ARGOS fans was the 26,000+ at the game. With the cottage , the Molson Indy , Yonge St. closed , down town was deserted/hardley no cars.I thought they would be lucky to get 20,000+ :thup:

Also the ARGOS get a bi next week , so DAMON ALLEN and Mike FLETCHER should be back Vs. SASK.

A better game and more points , but WINNIPEG still got game. :thup:

They nickeled and dimed us to death.


3 and 1

BAKER , wins round 2.

GO SASK. GO , or I will suck too at 0 and 4 :lol: :roll:

Wynns stats today are equal if not better than Glenns, for whatever that is worth. QB did not lose the game, although he did fail to WIN it when he had the chance near the end.

big difference was rushing

Very true. WINNIPEG , have a better O-LINE , as well.

.....and no turnovers, if I recall long since the offense has given up an INT? Impressive!

I think the Bombers had 3, 3rd down stop

Another true “jm02ism” :thup:

GO SASK. GO :thup:

games on :thup:

...BOMBERS played another solid game...this team is growing every week....Argos put some heavy smack on the BigBlue today....we took it and smacked back harder,,,Way to deliver Berry and asst. coaches...another 2 well deserved points.... :thup:

You can’t just look at the numbers. If you watched the game you would know that Glenn and Wynn did NOT play equally. Glenn made good decisions, he ran when he had to and he made good passes (for the most part). The loss is definitly not all Wynn’s fault, but he deserves a good portion of the blame for not making plays when he had to.

cant argue with that. All other things being equal, I just think that TO wins with a decent running game today. 8 yrds net rushing? Not sure I have seen that before, but in over 40 yrs of watching, I must have, just cant remember it.

Way to barely beat a backup QB.

isnt that what Glenn is?

how is Wynn?, seemed hurt after the last play.

He tore his ACL and MCL in his knee, broke three fingers, a thumb, and seperated his shoulder, he’s out for the season. I heard Pinball has already listed Prefontaine as the starting qb for the next game.

Awesome! Prefontaine can do it all.. I pick Toronto as Grey Cup champs 2006 as of now! Start planning that parade!

as always HT, you are a class act.....I think the Sperg is gonna have a hard time pissin for awhile, that last sack by Canada was nasty......

You nailed it Blue. Wynn’s numbers were very misleading as one long pass to Soward drove up the yardage and at least 4 receptions were the result of receivers coming back to the poorly thrown ball. Spergon was missing receivers long and short all day. I seriously hope Damon is good to go for the next game on the 22nd.

Good game for the Bombers to take this one that the Argos were so anxious to give them. They played a solid game and deserved to win