Congrats to Winnipeg.

You played great and the ARGOS STUNK on every level except for NOEL P.

BAKER , clearly was the best player over Williams.

WYNN , was just awful , but he had some dropped balls.

The ARGO O. LINE just sucked tonight.

Now there are 3 teams tied for 1st.

Congrats to WINNIPEG , you deserved to win. :thup:

Argos did beat Hamilton, they just need to get into the goove, and maybe drop Ricky.

Its not just Ricky that's the problem. Wynn is a subpar QB who couldn't connect with any of his receivers. The Argos' D has always been suspect against the run. The O-line tonight was somewhat of a joke as Doug Brown and his linemates dominated the Argos' backfield.

And its not going to get any better as the Boatmen travel to Vancouver next week.

A running back is only as good as his line. :wink:

WYNN , played badly but he did have allot of dropped balls. :roll:

...well i guess we ruined a lot of guys picks on the BigDaves challenge....and we will have more surprises in the future...keep selling us short.. :wink:

.......sheesh papa, enjoy the win but don't get too ahead of yourself there.....Toronto stunk in all aspects except special teams....your guys looked good, don't get me wrong, but now take that show to Commonwealth and if the result is the same then crow like a rooster.......enjoy the win in any case....

.....I was actually thinking of changing my VGCC pick to the BBs!!.......ask Third........should've listened to his damn dog!.......

EE is going down! and Papa is right on the money! BTW, I went with my team this week, so I wasn't fooled!

wait a sec, i keep hearing the same stories. lets see. weak 1 apparently the als offence did terrible. everyone was praising wynn and saying he would have been the bombers savior.

weak two, torontos offence sucked. wynn is now a sub par QB.

i see a pattern hear. i dunno about the reast of u, but wpg's D is looking amazing to me.

i wonder what the excuse next weak will be lol. probly the same thing. "aw shucks, ricky ray had a bad game". LOL

but yeah, our o really needs to step it up along with our return game. AJ needs to come back and start tearing up the field. and Glenn needs to get more then one TD off the opening drive a game lol.

thanks HT....Argos oline got caught flat footed tonight....the Pinner will get that corrected next time.....thought your D played really well, they were on the field for 37 minutes and kept it close....

Thats right Pigseye..they did play well..
Four more weeks ..till Allen..

What are you going to say when you get burned for 300+ passing yards next week by Ray and his trio(Hervey,Mitchell,Tucker)?

two words: NOT HAPPENING!

better uestion, what will you say if the bombers shut ray down?

just wanna no if n e one heard anything from watchin the game on tsn or listining to it on cjob, the injury info on omar evans..even tho he basically walked off on his own power, he looked like he was in a lot of pain..just wonderin if n e of uguys no n e thing about it...oh and when fullbright came in he laid a pretty good licking on..was it miles? but it was a nice hit

Thank-you, thank-you. :wink:

Our d is back, baby! Charlie owned.

Congradualations winnipeg on this week. But admit it blue bomber fans they'l just fuck it up next week. To bad... No wining streek =(

...we'll make a believer of you yet 'kid'...along with a few other doubters.. :wink:

That was a great show by the defence last night. They got us a win. But… other than Roberts, the offence is still south. Not a touchdown by the pass in two games. Maybe it’s like they say, much harder to get a new offence to click but he did not throw any interception. Beautiful day!