Congrats to WINNIPEG & SASK.

Thank you SASK. for saving me from a 0 and 4 for my game picks. :thup:

WALLY :roll: :thdn: had this game won because SASK. missed the field goal in over time. So WALLY then decides to punt on the first play for a single point to WIN the game out right. BUT SASK. runs the ball out. :roll: :thdn:

B.C. , then gets a field goal but SASK. wins the OVER TIME game with a T.D. :thup: :rockin: :cowboy:

WHAT A GAME!!!!!!!!!! :thup:

SASK. moves even more ahead of EDMONTON.
What a race is the WEST and EAST! :thup:

B.C.'s streak is over because of WALLY!!!!!! :roll:


Thank you WINNIPEG for beating MONTREAL and having a 3 way tie for first in the EAST! :thup:

Even Hamilton has a chance to make the play offs. :thup:

This is called parity :thup:

[i]Riders[/i] the GIANT KILLERS!!! :cowboy: RIP peace Edmonton :lol:

It was a great day for the CFL...two close games, that left you on the edge of your seat...CFL is Canada...

Fantuz for Premier!!! Joesph had his usual soso game...and the Buono blunder gave us life after Congi faltered. Some will say the Lions gave this game away..others like myself think the Riders deserved it by shutting down Tricky Dickie and Simon pretty much the whole game.


What can you say about Wally and crunch-time decisions? As a Lions fan, I'm speechless.

Sadly for B.C. fans , this is not the first time that WALLY has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. :roll:

Sadly, yes, and as great as Buono is as coach, big mistakes like this had, and will, kill BC's chances to win a Grey Cup with this dynamic lineup.

You still have the CFL's best record and a great team. Hey , winning 7 out of the last 8 isn't bad at all! :thup:

Agreed. 8)

Kenton Keith was named player of the game, however I think if you replay the last 3 minutes of the game I think everyone will be voting for


Wally is kicking himself. Pierce will probably get the nod for the next game. But most importantly Saskatchewan got the win…

Congrats to Winnipeg as well.

IMO - Kyries Hebert should be Defensive player of the week without a question. Great work by the Winipeg D. Montreal is looking for answers, but they need to know the question in order to find the answers they seek.

Fantuz was great. He hustled his butt off getting to that loose ball in the endzone beating two Lions. Then Fantuz makes a great game winning catch with Szarka looking like he was going to tip the ball trying to catch it himself. Fantuz easily should have been the player of the game. Oh well I’m sure he will take his first 2 TD’s in the CFL including a game winner.

Yo Murphy actually impressed me as well considering he hasn’t played all season. Yo made a big catch in overtime to get it to the 10 yard line. Nicely done.

The Riders can actually officially eliminate the Eskimos from the playoffs with a win over them next week.

What a final 5 weeks of the season this is shaping up to be.

The CFL rocks!!! :rockin:

...for all of you guys who said Hebert wasn't worth the effort for the Bombers to sign him :stuck_out_tongue: .....a couple of really BIG HITS at crucial times shows you why this guy was worth the trouble....He literally saved Charlie and the game for the Bombers....and Blink redeemed himself nicely....goBigBlue... :thup: :rockin:

After this statment Dad I have to use it now on you!


Saskatchewan, was lucky to win tonight, Wally made two very bad calls, not at least running the ball in the frist mini game, and to a leaser extend, not going for the possible winning, or losing, 2 point convert. But a good win that the Riders should be pround off.

Actually if the Riders win next week the Eskimos are still mathematically alive, via the crossover or by winning the rest of their games and the Riders losing all of theirs.

....what's it feel like Kanga to be in first ....gloat least until next weekend.... REMEMBER ..this is the CFL...LOL LOL...KEEP ER GOIN MATE... :wink: :thup:

OOPS!!! Yes roughyfan, your right. For some reason I thought that the Esks were 4 and 10. They are actually only 4 and 9. Oh well, the inevitable will happen soon and the people in Eskimo land will forget about their football team and start thinking Oilers if they haven't already.


:lol: Yeah, I didn't think that Red's spray would waft all the way out here into Bison land. My face is turning red :oops: (pun intended) from holding my breath.

I didn't say the Eskimos are going to make the playoffs papa, I just said they are still mathematically alive even if they lose next week.

I don't care what anyone says, we are a Grey Cup Contender, the team that makes the comeback from behind, that's where our power is! :wink:

now we just have to repiar or Oline and we'll be the froce that we were at the begining of the season! :rockin: