Congrats to Tiger Duval rewriting his 2nd CFL scoring record

It has been a while since there was a Tiger Duval thread going in this forum :smiley: Three years and one or two kids later depending on who you ask, Damon just rewrote his second CFL scoring record. Most points in a season now added to most points by a rookie he established in 2005. He adds most points in a single season held by Lance Chomyk since 1991.

So Congratulations Mr. Duval and good luck on figuring out who's mantle your going to put this ball on :wink:

Now how about most points in a Grey Cup game :slight_smile:

Duval scored 239 points this season.....Toronto scored 328, Hamilton 369

And he didn't get in to any fights this year :lol:

He was too busy making open field tackles

That's a thing I really like about Duval: not only is he not afraid to stick his nose in there, but he shows surprising field presence for a kicker and often stops a sure touchdown.

It's that Cajun blood 8)

Congrats, Damon!

Congrats! :thup:

Indeed. I was rather disgusted watching Justin Medlock on the last game. As good as a kicker he is, he acted as if jumping on a loose ball was something beneath him. And then some Argo fans at are complaining that Duval gets the All-Star instead of Medlock. Go figure...

Saw that too but you can't blame him, last game of the year playing for a team where coaching staff shows up late or not at all to meetings and practice. That whole team needs to be blown up.

How do you deny it to the kicker who sets the all time record for points in a season?