Congrats to Tiger-Cats and Eskimos on their seasons!

:thup: Thumbs up to both teams who fought through adversity and played tough including today. Great comeback by the Tiger-Cats and a turnaround season while the Esks led by their classy coach, showed they are a force to be reckoned with again. With Glenn and Ray at the helm both teams will be tough next season too!! :cowboy:

I agree, turkeybend; neither the Ticats nor the Eskimos have any reason to be ashamed this season. Both took strides forward, with Edmonton making the Western playoffs for the first time in several years, and the Ticats getting a home playoff game for the first time since McManus was QB and Lancaster was head coach. Both teams have a lot of young players who could be around for a while, allowing them to continue to build on this season's success for years to come.

And thank you for creating this thread. After the game I was looking through the forum, but it seemed that most threads about our game quickly deteriorated into either a troll-fest or a name-calling session. I just don't have it in me to take part in those.

Turkeybend is a sage and august bird.....

I agree with what you say about Hamilton ... Edmonton not so much.

It was a good year for the Steeltown fans, and they should be looking forward to doing even better next season.

Edmonton, I'm not sure what they have to look forward to. IMO They need to make some major changes. They might even need to think about sending Ricky into retirement.

So … what you're sayin' is that turkey is best enjoyed with a slight peppery seasoning in late summer?

I was glad to see the Tiger-Cats have a good season and was especially glad to see Kevin Glenn pull a Darian Durant and come back to tie it in the last minute. I was hoping for a Sask.-Ham. 20th anniversary re-match in the Grey Cup (with the same outcome).

Here's to hoping it's Sask.-Mont. with the green team coming out on top.

The only thing that annoys me about this season is the Eskimos switching OC’s in the middle of the season, and as a result, giving up any opportunity we had of finishing first. But what are you going to do…? I’m certainly not going to dwell on that all off-season. It’s on to next season! :smiley:

Yes, congrats to the TiCats, but I would have loved to see them pull it off. Yes, the Esks did well but I’m a Stamps fan, you can’t expect me to feel too bad for them…

I want to add my kudos to the Cats and Eskimoes gutsy seasons. Each team was a couple of plays away from getting to the Final.