CONGRATS to , Third And Ten , and MONTREAL!

Also to …ro1313 :smiley:… and…K.K. :smiley:

CONGRATS to MONTREAL , and… Third And Ten . I am happy that you were there to see that game in person. :smiley:

GOOD NEWS …44,100+ :shock: :smiley:

I saw …drumming god’s…sign on [I THINK] the , CBC. :smiley:

My WIFE and I were part of the opening segment :shock: , of the CBC’s , EASTERN FINAL , BROADCAST. :shock: :smiley: :shock: :smiley:

Any one see , a sign on T.V. , with the CFL logo on it , and another sign with the “CBC” , on it ?

                                                        "C  F  L
                                                        B elongs 
                                                        C anada" 

     Held by an ASIAN woman  , that was us. <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->  <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D -->  :shock:  <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D --> 

My wife bought me a new ARGOS [REEBOK] , sweater , for XMAS! :shock: :smiley:

The ARGOS won the first half and completely SUCKED/CHOKED in the second half. :cry:

It was like the ARGOS and MONTREAL switched uniforms , at half time.

MONTREAL, was just awful in the first half…and the ARGOS choked in the 2nd half…MONTREAL , deserved to WIN…! CONGRATS! :smiley:

I am happy for A.C. , but , ERIC LA POINT [sp , St. MARY’S , HUSKS] , was my player of the game…We couldn’t stop him. :cry:

The curse of the ALL-STARS and the MOP noms continues. :cry:

It was our turn last year and some one elses turn this year.The ARGOS winning last year was NO FLUKE and if MONTREAL wins this year that is NO FLUKE , either. :wink: :smiley:

I will be voting for THE EAST , in the GREY CUP…GOOD LUCK! :smiley:

Sorry I missed it.
Did you run into T&T?
I was sure the Als were going to blow it check out my post in the first quarter

No , I was in section 200 , he had AWESOME field level seats , below the first section [100]. I don't think that he could leave there.It looks like he was surrounded by SUITS from SCOTIA BANK. He is now probably fying around TORONTO with a big GRIN on his face , NOW! :lol: :smiley:

AND WAKE UP............................... B.C.

GOOD , they have.............GO............. B.C...................GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was in Section 112 and proudly displayed my CFL RULES NFL SUX and on the flip side had “Cant’ Beat CFL, we love the CFL”. In fact, the Sony Fan of the Game couple came by and took a photo of the first side and it will be available online tomorrow.

i held mine up, and got into a fight with the guy behind me...

Thanks HT, if the Als win it next week, I be going for the Argos next season.


I'm 4 and 0!!!

but the Argos gave that game to the Al's more turn overs than I've ever seen.

Glad thaT YOU AND YOUR WIFE enjoyed it there!!!!!!


Thank you guys for the congrats. You are good sports (unlike Soward)!

The tickets I had for the game were in a private box at press box level. It wasn't down on the field. It was really nice, and the view was great from there. But that kept me way above our Argos friends, so I couldn't go down to try to meet them. It will be for another time then.

This is definately not the end of my CFL trips.

Well still gotta have a beer together in 2010, eh? 3nd, I'm looking forward to it.

rather be in the Big O to see what the fuss is abou, but Molson will do.

I actually saw 3rd on the Jumbotron during the game yesterday when they did the shot of the Scotiabank private box. Of course, when you’re the only guy in a private box wearing the jersey of the opposing team, its pretty hard to miss.

I couldn’t see many of the signs in the crowd from my seat. I was mostly shifting my “flag on an oar” so either:

  1. I wouldn’t disrupt the view of others (didn’t want another Craptor incident), or
  2. Moving it so others in the row could make their beer runs.

Kudos to the Als for winning, but we’ll be back next year. Have to set up a feasible team so we can make a strong run towards the GC in Winnipeg and eventually the big 2007 game on home turf.

no problem :smiley: YOU MUST OF HAVE AN AWESOME TIME. :smiley:

......Hey HT, I remember seeing your missus with that stuff to get on tv......good job!!......

thanks.......It was neat being asked to be in the opening part of the CBC broad cast , with my wife.

Good luck to both the Alouettes and Eskimos on Sunday.....Alouettes deserved to win..they played great, the Argos didn't