Congrats to the Tiger Cats

On a great season. You came up short today, but you should still hold your heads high for a great season for a very young team that improved every day this year. I can say with confidence it won’t be another 14 years until you’re back playing for another Grey Cup. It might sting a bit right now, but you should still be proud.

I was very proud of the Tiger-Cat players and coaches this year, a young team, youngest in the CFL by age and experience and to have made it to the Grey Cup with over-riding odds stacked against them was amazing. This team has overcome injuries and obstacles all year and still learned to win as a team which are great building blocks for the future and next time a Grey Cup victory.

Congratulations to the Riders & Fans for winning the 101st Grey Cup and the fact you won it at home for your fans and supporters was the icing on the cake!

Enjoy your victory.

Tiger-Cat players and Fans we look forward to more winning seasons and a Grey Cup victory next time!


With a coach like Austin and players like Fantuz, a grey cup is in the near future for Hamilton.......