Congrats to the Ticats for "Catching up with" series

Just want to give props to the Ticats org. for putting together the "Catching up with" series. Its great to see a team put the spotlight on the players who work hard to entertain us fans. They are an impressive bunch. :thup:

it is good to see the players get some publicity and connect to the fans

It's good to know how the players feel about this season and such. Alot of the players are ready and believe this is going to be a great season for wins. Let's hope they come through, I'll be rooting for em :rockin:

I think from a marketing perspective there is no better team than us. We are a marketing machine. Having these types of features and things such as the Ticats TV Triathlon is brilliant. Add to it the fact that our players do SO much community work and we've got the most accessible team by far. It's nice to be able to get to know the guys a little more since we've had so many new faces.

I really enjoy these features and look forward to seeing some of that same success on the field. :smiley: