Congrats to the Ti-cats!

On their first victory of the CFL season! And I guess all those points Winnipeg scored last week are going to be coming in handy now.

Jesse Lumsden played amazing!

He should definitely be the Gladiator. Over 200 yards. A pair of TDs.

hey ticat fans

great game inspired win sorry it came against my bombers but hey it was your game
well deserved win

yes i agree congrats to the ticats on a well deserved win jesse lumsden foresure won offensive player of the week, canadian player, and gladiator. o well i hope the bombers put on a better showing next game or it will start looking like it did last week in hamiton! :?

Way to go to the Ti-Cats!!! :thup:

Their fans deserve to see a decent team and they may finally have one now. The CFL needs Hamilton to be competitive with only 8 teams so its nice to see Hamilton looking like they are on a more level playing field with the rest of the league. No more free win space on the bingo card.

....a nice win ticats, and an entertaining game to boot....

Damn. Taaffe got it good! That was awesome. :lol:

Great effort all the way around. Lumsden was terrific. Timely plays on defense. Great to see!

Congrats to the Cats & to Taaffe. They played to win and took no hostages. Though it would have been nice to see my team win it is nicer to see Hamilton become part of the competition. You sure have found some player in Lumsden.

On a different matter, it was time to have some action taken on those who feel that are pile drivers after the play. That is not what the sport is all about. My take and it might be bias. (Yes it is)

very nice win congrads :wink: i pick Hamilton to win :cowboy:

I agree. If Hamilton can string together a few more wins, it should make the East a lot more exciting.

how fun was it to hear the fans so loud in the telecast?

'HAaaPPY BIRTHDAY TO U ( lumsden )'

when they are winning, theres no place like IWS.

Damn can that kid run

That was pretty funny. They finally have a reason to be excited!

The Tabbies played well. They are far from the worst team in the league right now.

If I was Winnipeg, Montreal and especially the Argos, I would not look in the rear view mirrow.
The Cats are a coming.

That is surely a joke. One win against a battered secondary means nothing. Still 1-5 bud.

Our Bombers did not play well argotom, yes the cats looked good...They had energy since game one of this year....the Bombers will build on this one ...Go Bombers.

I don't mean to be rude but show some class, that same team nearly knocked the Bombers off the week prior and also very nearly became the first team to beat the Lions.

You can blame the secondary all you want but they aren't the one's who let Lumsden rush for 200 yards.

Congrats to the TiCat die hards (especially Big Dave) their team played a very solid game tonight and Lumsden's two big scores were difference makers. They still have a long way to go, way too many dumb penalties, they took advantage of a very depleted Bomber defence tonight and some timely turnovers by our offence, and of course Westwood is back to his old form, somebody please injure that guy for the season already.