Congrats to the Stamps

For a first place finish. Now it comes down to 3 hours of football in 3 weeks time. Hopefully it’s a green and Red showdown at Mcmahon.

1 Win down 1 to go ...nos get on the Plane and kick Montreal Butt all around The Big 0

wow what a game Talk about defence winning games, Burris almost blew it, liked the look on his face when he left one second on the clock, could you imagine if BC scored wow. Good game Grey Cup should be good but i would have to pick the Als as Calvio is a far smarter QB this will make the difference, Burris did not win this game and he's lucky the defence played as well as they did. Should be a close Grey Cup i take the Als.

Yeah, congrats to the stamps... now bring it on to montréal, I suddenly feel like having horse for dinner :wink: . Seriously this should be a great showdown, not often does a team gets to play Gray cup game at home and I will be there screaming my longs out. I welcome all Calgarian to Montréal for a great football game, I hope you guys come in number.

Grats to the Stamps they deserved it and took out those low life's from the west coast ta boot...


Just wondering what Hank would have been like IF the last pass WAS caught for a TD? For the Stamps sake it didn't happen. All the best next week versus the Als!

Going to have to make you an honary Stamp fan for Grey Cup Thanks! This team for four years has finally put it together and the defense everyone said was our weak link think again. Thats hope we get some offensive game play back for the big game. The Stamps are on a mission to win this one for Gargiulio. No turning back.

Hmmm, with comments like that, its no wonder I cheer for Henry and the Stamps as my "Second" team. :roll: :roll:

Kudos to Calgary they scored Touchdowns and we didn't. Only questionable call was from Wally? Why put Jarious Jackson in (to fumble the ball) when Pierce got you all the way down there inside the 20 yard line?

Yup Calgary definately deserves to go, they beat us during the regular season and the playoffs.

Good luck Calgary win it for the West.

BTW if Henry wins the Big one, will the Rider fans finally let it go? Or will we continue to hear the anti Burris rheteric next year?

Haven't been here but congrats to the Stamps on getting to the big game. Have to admit I'm routing for the Als to win but also have to admit, love the colours of the Stamps for what that is worth and the fact Thelwell went to the high school I did in London, Ont, again for what this is worth, long after I was there. Just hope it's a good game but I think the Stamps will lose. Just what I think.

The Stamp are 2nd Favourite team Behind Hamilton