Congrats to the Stamps

I haven't seen the game, just listened online while I worked, but the Stamps deserved the win today, their defense kicked our asses, holding us to 6 field goals, and stopping us on the 1 yard line (damn stupid play-calling, IMO).

Congratulations, but I won't be cheering for you next week, the Als are my second favourite team (don't know why, thye just are). :smiley:

Thanks for the Congrats :thup: but are you sure you won't cheer for the Stamps? just a little piece of you wants the Stamps to prevail. Calvillo has won his cup. Hanks due :smiley:

Your team played well but I would have to agree the OC screwed this game up for you. You can not win just getting field goals. The Stamp defense won this game holding a very good team from scoring a major. Thanks it is always great to hear from you great BC fans. It means a lot. Labinjo was the game breaker today.

Our defense is really maturing well.

Grats to the stamps tho Im now cheering for the Als, sorry :smiley:

The difference today was the inability to finish for the lions. They had the stamps in a "choke hold" (LOLZ!!!) early but couldnt capitalize. Same thing last week vs a crappier Rider team but the stamps pulled out just enough to win. Lions need to solve that problem as they could have completely dominated both teams. A bit disappointing but was a good game.

To all the haters, party on.

To all the knobs (didnt seem to be mainly stamps fans) who thought the Lions couldnt handle the stamps I laugh. How many yards for Reynolds? below average! just like they did to Cates LOLZ. And simon again proved who was the #1 receiver in the league by stepping up big. That game was up for grabs to the end.

Hey haters, i thought it was supposed to be the stamps in a wash. lolz at all you and you know who you are.

Again grats stamps! good job hanging in and doing enough to get the win.

one more thing, Ive seen many call the Lions arrogant but the stamp receivers are the worst in the league IMO. Never seen so much clownery in a game. Lewis is a bozo and Copleland is Crusty. That was the height of arrogance

Thanks for your opinion. We will see you next year I guess. I have to tell you I will miss Superman.

Good job deserved to win.

Sorry to see BC going to need such a big make over next year. Lets, from 1st to 3rd place, from having the leading receiver to being an also ran, from having the leading rusher turn into flower lover that is traded and can't do any better then 5 place rusher. Boy things don't look so rosey out in lotus land.

Considering they have Logan, a guy who put up over 100 yards against the Stamps, I don't think the run game is going to be a concern for the Lions next season. :expressionless:

did you watch the game? lions only need a tweak here and there. Simon an also ran? LOL give your head a shake. Was Milt an also ran the last 6 years or so? wow trolling or what

if the best receiver in the league is an also ran, what are all the others? LOL

but why throw facts at a good hate post? :smiley:

...well whatZatLoo that was a unclassy congrats but I guess what else should we expect from a sore loser huh?....hwgill, you set the example, too bad others couldn't take the cue...

...BC had our number in the first half and it was a close one all the way through...happy to go the GC but if the stamps think tonight's performance is going to do it they might as well stay home with the flu....

It is funny how you want to stick around and defend an also ran. For simon to have been considered anything but an also ran this year he should have lead in some category, catches, average yards, yards, touch downs, something but i can’t think of one. Oh wait a minute, there is one, a new stat they counted over the last two years he is the receiver that ask for pass interference flag the most. So maybe he is still the best in something.

I find it interesting that you bring up Milt, was he the go to guy this year no…over the last three years his skill have diminished significantly. And yes he has been an also ran.

Bitter are we?
Or is it the crow you are eating thats bitter?

Chris Jones for COTY.

Wouldn't mind offering him the GM/HC job in Winnipeg next year. :wink:

Oh, congrats.

Congratulation to the Stamps. You won this but did not make it easy on yourself. Labinjo stole Cameron Wakes title as a monster on defense for the day. (I still think Wake is a monster that is rarely kept in check like you did yesterday). Burris did not dominate but did enough to win and did not turn the ball over as often as he had in the past. He gave BC one last gasp and he was not to big to admit that was a mistake. I found that he has matured a LOT this year and I credit Huffnagle for most of that. He credited his defense for the win as was right to do. That is how an offensive player and leader gets the best out of his defense; credit were credit is due. He acknowledged the BC players and backs which is something he would not have done a couple of years ago. I am happy for him and hate to say it but with this better attitude; Hank may well lead the Stamps to the big game several more times in his career.
For the most part BC did play very well against you. They should have had that game out of control early (as they should have against the Riders). BC has shown a lack of ability to score touchdowns and settling for field goals all season long. (The stand by Montreal actually cost the Lions a home play-off game). I was particularly pleased to see Labinjo do so well. On that goal line stand, he was helped (on the second attempt) by a blatant error on the BC O-line, everyone slid left exept the right end of the line which opened an unobstructed lane for Labinjo. This was sweet as BC has touted their line as the best. I also enjoyed seeing Labinjo go right through Murphy to sack Pierce. Labinjo is a real keepr and I hope his wonky elbow does not shorten his career at all.
Other posters while offering congrats have mentioned "the arrogance " of the Calgary recievers. A couple of years ago I would have agreed but I have not seen them doing the "bobsled" or anything much else this last year. They have learned that cheap celebrations (duck, duck, goose and speed walking by the Bombers, Spiderman by Bruce) don't win championships, performance does. On the othe hand, I would have called McCallum for taunting of Howel aftet one punt run back for running out of bounds and making a holding call sign repeatedly right in his face. Simon while being a very good reciever has his little Superman pose, and that is alright as it done quickly and is not aimed at anyone. Calgary this year has more often than not been gracious in both losses and wins.
I still don't like you guys :slight_smile: but was pleased to see you win this one.

CONGRATS TO THE STAMPS! Labinjo is a beast which I noticed from day one. Now that Henry got his win in the playoffs I believe he will be much more relaxed next game and play very well. I expect to see a great grey cup this year. I will be cheering for Calgary as I have always liked Hank even when he left my riders team. I have met him several times and got to speak with him at great lenght at last years grey cup. He is truly a very nice person. It is to bad that many riders fans don't give him the respect he deserves. It was not his fault that he bolted to the stamps, but Shivers.
BC what can I say. I hate Wally Buno he would and does throw people under the buss. Even his own players. He demeans the CFL by his attics and lets his players run loose like wild hogs. I'm estatic that they lost. It looks good on them. Maybe if they were more diciplined than arragant and cocky they would have won this game. Their per game bad mouthing of the stamps probably had something to do with them losing the game as no other team likes to have the swill thrown at them like this lions players were doing.

Go Stamps!

Rambo is not an also ran? But I did not see suprman out there today. Maybe he was on the sideline trying to remove Brandon Browner or was that someone else?

I have to agree that the Stamps were the class of the west this all ways, and that I credit 100% to Hufnagel. The guy is an amazing coach, and if he stays in the CFL for the rest of his career, I can see him easily eclipsing Buono & Matthews.

Huff gives a lot of credit to Wally for making him a better coach. I hate to say that as you know I personally do not like Wally. But it comes down to that. The only thing left for him to do is direct this team to win the Grey Cup. Only one team to beat now. It truly wasa tough season just looking at the standings and each team the Stamps were told they were not expected to win. They went out and beat some very talented football teams to get to the game.