Congrats to the Riders

Congratulations on a dominating win over a team that has been picked to win it all. You guys keep playing like that, you can take the GC. Stay humble, work hard and have fun boys. Way less pressure on the underdog.

Congrats to the Staff as well. Looks like a totally new group of guys with the right focus. Perhaps going back to Kent Austin's year as head coach. Hats off to Chamblin and to Ritchie Hall (who alot of fans have written off). I'm hoping that Hall defense of old is back again in Sasky (the one every team hated to play). :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

It was a pretty awesome game. We did pretty well on all three sides of the game. Honestly, wasn't expecting the Riders to win in Hamilton. Happy to be wrong. :slight_smile:

Two observations / questions:

  1. Didn't really hear Hawkins name during the game. Where was he?
  2. Loved watching Sheets run. Would like to see him get better as a pass blocker. His main job is to run but at some times he will need to pass-block too.

Go, Riders!

  1. I asked that exact same question on the main game thread! I don't know if he even played, though I'm sure I saw #90 playing?
  2. he's learning the CFL game and it will take some time. He did blow some blocks, but overall we are much better off then last year.

I didnt really notice Sheets missing any blocks. I saw that he made a couple of nice ones. One in particular was when he pancake blocked a blitzing linebacker.

Very impressed with the revamped offensive line. Durant had almost all day to throw the football. That makes a huge difference and had a big impact on how well our offense played.

I get a kick out of everyone who claimed this year as a "rebuilding year". We still have a solid core group of players on offense, and our defensive backs have had a few years of playing together.

Based on 5-13, new head coach, almost entire change of the other coaches, something like 40% of the roster changed.... It can only be considered rebuilding? The last two a years with Miller and no changes, that was not rebuilding.

As I've states for the last month, we still have to give these guys some slack for the first half and look out in the second. It's a bonus if we do well in the first, and I'll take it. I picked the Riders to win cause I don't think Hamilton is going to be all that great with Burris.

Okay watching the PVR and Hawkins is playing. And chasing the ball, so not out of the action. Double teamed a bit. Seems to be playing well after 7 minutes.