Congrats to the Riders

I was a little choked yesterday, I'm going to be completely honest. I just wanted to log on and congratulate the Riders and their fans for a wonderful season and a very well-played Western Final. They definitely outplayed the Lions in almost every facet of the game, and they were very deserving of the victory.

As tough a pill as it was to swallow, I actually feel ok today. All the best in the Grey Cup as I'm sure it will be a good one.

good going RLR....takes a true fan of the CFL to come on and take it on the chin...Leos played a good game...they needed a GREAT game to beat a very good Rider team... :thup:

Thank you RLR for showing up. And thanks for the heart felt acknowledgement.

I know you support your team with gusto. I suspect there maybe some who may point fingers and laugh now. But from me, I appreciate you coming on and acknowledging the win with no excuses and no whinning.

I thought you would show up, which was why I didnt post in the other threads suggesting you wouldnt…

Add my congrats as well. Austin had your team well prepared, and they capitilized on our mistakes. 17 points off of turnovers just wont cut it!

Yes, its a tough one to swallow, but you guys were the better team yesterday. Good luck in the Grey Cup!

Turkey send me a Green Jersey, I will be cheering for you in the Grey Cup next week. I still maintain my slogan.

West is the Best.

And add

Go Riders Go!

Much appreciated, guys...

GC par-tay at my place...who's comin'??

Kudos RLR. I'm glad you had the fortitude to show up.

Thanks rlr. It was a fun game to watch. I kinda felt sorry for the people who lived under the apartment we were watching it at. Cause we were not quiet, at all.

Thanks RLR and Sporty. Hope you'll take for the Green this Sunday, but I'll understand if you don't.

We were outplayed in that game and the Riders looked very strong. I think it all boiled down to who was “hungriest” for the win and, quite obviously, that was the Rider’s team. Very well prepared for the game, that’s for sure. Good game green.

Even Dickenson in the Blitz yesterday said the guys weren't showing the same desire that they did last year. The Lions just weren't hungry enough yesterday to do what needed to be done.

I have to admit, I am disappointed in how they played yesterday. There were a few bright spots, like Cameron Wake's 3 or 4 sacks, Smart's big kick return. But other than that, the O-line played like the 05 O-line, and that p!ssed me off to no end. The QB's had zero protection, and keeping DD in for the entire second half was a big mistake, as he is too slow to get out of the way of the defenders. DD too went back to his 05 style by not throwing it away when the sacks were coming. The secondary was leaving holes open everywhere. The only part of the team that, IMO, played half decently was the D-line, and special teams coverage.

All in all a p!ss poor performance on both sides of the ball by the Leos.

Congrats Riders! no one can question the leadership of Kerry Joseph.

p.s. The stamps put up at better fight on the road than the Lions did at home. :slight_smile:

and that matters?

We both ended up in the same spot so, if that turns your crank, power to you.

Nice to see you on and congratulating the Riders, RLR. Good on ya. :wink:

Props for posting Deb, sad to see a good season end. 8)

Nice posts, RLR and Debra. RLR you once told me that you would be around if the Lions lost, and you kept your word.

Rider’s came to a hostile enviroment and beat the Lions in all facets of the game except the return game, even there we gave up a fumble that led to points. Funny thing is I thought this Lions team was better than the one that walked through the West Final last year. The Riders could have let it slip away after a stumbling 2nd quater but the put the boots to the Lions after the half. Now can I cheer for them against the Bombers? A few more days to stew on that one…

Congrats to the Riders.

I do have to question RLR's comment that it will be a good Grey Cup. In fact, it will suck and probably be the worst, most boring GC since the Eskies dominated in the late 70's. That is because The Bombers don't have a quarterback who has thrown more than 35 CFL passes in his career.

It is going to be a blow-out of Huricane Katrina proportions, with the Riders strolling out of the stadium with the big prize - I am very disappointed with the match up - If Kevin Glenn were available, I would be very pleased but I just can't see the game being any good, being that one sided.

Rider's - and all CFL deserve a better match-up.

This is no one's fault, it's the way it is and it's sad. I'll bet the ratings reflect it as well.

OK you Bomber's fans, let me have it, but deep down, you gotta be thinking along the same lines as me.

I find it interesting that a B.C. fan is saying this... What did you guys do when JJ was first thrust into the starting position? You guys relied on your running game, and it worked. The Bombers could do the same thing with Roberts. I don't think it'll be a blow-out at all.

I agree. The Bombers backup QB could still get the job done. If Buck and JJ could carry the Lions, then Dinwiddie (spelling???) could very well do it for the Blue and Gold as well.

That said....GO RIDERS GO!!!!