Congrats to the Riders.

Congrats on the home playoff game after the Stamps loss but will it be the West Semi or the West Final? Riders have had a good season and deserve a home playoff game after 19 years.

It’ll be the West Semi…no way BC slides enough to lose the top spot, even if the Riders win out (which I doubt).

Lions have proven that they struggle against the Esks and Ticats so I wouldn't count out the Riders yet for first. Let's hope that doesn't happen. LOL

I think it will be WSF as well. The Lions would have to totally collapse and lose the next 3 games for the Riders to take 1st.

Yes congratulations to ET and Austin and all Rider fans. It's been a long time coming.

well i got my tickets already

Well on a positive note, at least we wont have any gopher problems.

I assume they'll allow him

well if Calgary comes to town, i hope they dont bring that horse of that stupid dog Ralph :lol: do they still have the dog? lmao

Are you talking about the best mascot in the league??

aka Ralph the dog....yes still around.

You dont like dogs and horses???

give what ever your on if you that Dog is the best mascot in the league, its got to be good stuff :cowboy:

It is

I'd say the lamest mascot, is that thing
in edmonton that tackles that dummy dressed as the opposition all game.

yeah that one is pretty lame.

Worst is definetly Montreal's. I hate that thing.

With the Riders clinching a home playoff game with a few games left in the season, is there any chance of them being able to put up some temporary seating to get an even bigger crowd to the playoff game? Perhaps they could use the same temporary bleachers that were used for the Vanier Cup last season. With this much advance notice I'm confident the game will sell out, but an extra 5-10,000 seats could make the game even more lucrative for the team and make what will already be a hostile environment even better.

I sure hope they dont. Its going to be a heck of a test on Burris to beat them with 23 or whatever thousand it holds.

I may disagree with them on here, but i do respect their enthusiasm.

Stadium capacity is 28,800 eskylo, and you are right it will be LOUD. And EastVan they don't plan on putting any extra seats up. The costs just aren't there. They would break even if the seat gets filled, and lose if it doesn't. Just not worth it. Of course I have tickets so I don't care that much about that. I know it will be loud enough as it is.

Are you wearing a watermelon?

Doesn't everyone?