Congrats to the RedBlacks AND CRFadmin From The Ticats

Congrats to the RedBlacks from the Ticats.

Congrats to CRFadmin. No fan ever deserved it more.

Sadly, I think you will lose next but it might be for the best - keeps the fan base hungry. Plus, after today's game, it might be anti-climatic.

Hey, thanks man...There was a time I thought it would never come, but then I sure as hell didn't think it would come this year!

We were talking about his after the game. It was like history flipped. Whenever the Rough Riders or Renegades would show signs of competence, they would invariably bungle it somehow.

Now this is a quality team that was really humming along. It looked like things were about to go sour, but they found a way to win instead. It's almost like the football gods said "Nah, we're just messing with you guys. Here's a 90-yard TD off a high snap. Enjoy."

Incredible. I don't know about Burris, but I might have to retire after the season. :wink: I can't see topping this one...

they were lined up and we saw the snap go but got a really lucky break as Burris never missed a beat and stayed focused to avoid a tackle and then bombs away!!!

A Season to Remember for us die hard Rough Riders fans. It's been a long long time for something like this to happen in this city :thup: Like many of the fans we spoke with on the busses to and from the game today, no matter what happened today, the year was truly amazing. And now we get the cherry on top by heading to the Grey Cup :cowboy:

Good for you, guys.

I loved the Ottawa Rough Riders as well and this was amazing.

The question is...

Does today's catch rank up there with the Tony Gabriel catch?

I would say no. One won a championship. It'll still go down in history though.

what he said x 2

If they did a TSN Top 10 Ottawa football plays, it would be a solid two.

I NEVER thought I would see the White "R" of the Ottawa Rough Riders on Grey Cup Sunday (again) in my lifetime. I guess I was right but while the name and helmet are different (the helmet slightly), they will always be the Rough Riders to me and I am soooo glad to see this.

Congrats on the season. I know it is NOT how you wanted it to end but... still an amazing week.

Regardless of the outcome, the RB and Henry is the story(ies) of the year in the league.

Will be back in section M in 2016. Can't wait for next season already!!

Congrats on a great game played and a great season for Ottawa, they deserved to be in the big game and have may years of success ahead. Even though team fans don't aways agree on topics etc everyone has to agree the RedBlacks are for real :thup:

Well this was unexpected. :wink:

Thank you. Had they been killed, it would have looked bad.

I can only think of it this way: They would have won if they'd played the better game, but Edmonton remains the better team.

So I can't really be upset; still the best season I've ever witnessed. :thup:

Amen, brother.


No Fans at the Airport? :expressionless: :expressionless:

Melanie Adams
We're expecting #redblacks to land in 10 minutes. No fans here to greet them. #ottnews #ottsports @1310NEWS

troll?? :roll:

I'm kicking myself for not going but honestly, I'm not the type to throw myself at these guys. That kind of thing is awkward for me. But I regret it now. I misjudged a number of things:

a) I thought the place would be packed and I'd just get lost in the shuffle anyway.
b) I didn't take into account that many of the more vocal/visible fans were on a flight back of their own.
c) Most people didn't know when the team was arriving. I only found in the morning but several people on Twitter are saying that they had no idea.

Too bad.

Hey, we're new to this kind of thing! :wink: