Congrats to the Queen's Gaels!

Exciting CIS football is alive and well in Canada. I hope you were watching, Mr. Cohon...

Amen! Incredible game!!!!:smiley: NOW we can say Mac got beat by THE best in the CIS! Look out for Mac this coming session!

Congrats to Queens!
Marauder's are still my team though :smiley:

It’s so much better playing the game in a proper CIS stadium.

Yes, I say congrats to the people of Quebec City and Laval U. A big sell out and enthusiastic crowd even though Laval didn't make it to the final.

Does anyone remember last year?? shall I bring that up??

Hamilton wanted the CIS championship at Ivor Wynne one showed up except a few fans from Laval.

Congrats to Queens- and MVP from Burlington-QB Branagan- great arm :thup:

Now THAT was an entertaining game!!! And the good guys won. :lol:

An Argo-Cat fan

That was a great game. Both teams are talented but I've been watching CIS football for over 20 years and I've never seen a QB like Branagan who is so poised in the pocket. When the heat comes he just shuffles a little here and there zoning in on the reciever and boy can he thread the needle.

^^^^ He needs to work a lot on his mechanics and his footwork in the pocket if he wants to make it at the next level.

What a comeback, forgot to tape it but saw the highlights on TSN this morning, wow is all I can say.

I've never played at the CIS level but I thought his footwork is good, at least at the CIS level. Granted anyone in university/college football wanting to make it in the pro's needs to work on their skills.

I read an article in the Star recently and Branagan said he will be done with football after this year realizing that Canadian quarterbacks are a long shot to make it in the CFL. He plans on completing his accounting degree and work in that field.

Mention of the Vanier, not the game yesterday but the Mitchell Bowl, made the ESPN site in an article about passing equals winning in the NFL:

Football Gods Appeased? Last week, TMQ supposed of Bill Belichick's failed fourth-and-2 attempt from his own 28, "Though the fourth-down try failed to defeat Indianapolis, Belichick might still profit down the road. By being hyper-aggressive, he challenged his young Patriots offense to show it can finish games." On Sunday, New England delivered an excellent offensive performance. Had one of the football gods appeared to Belichick two weeks ago and said, "You may beat either the Colts or the Jets, now choose," Belichick would have answered the Jets without hesitation, since division games are more important to most playoff calculations.

Note 1: My favorite football god is Lambasthor, god of halftime tirades. Note 2: Reader Jeff Swearingen of Edmonds, Wash., reminds that in 1995, Dallas went for it on fourth-and-1 from its own 29 in the closing moments of a tie game, in order to avoid punting back to the Eagles. The Cowboys were stuffed, and went on to lose by three -- the Cowboys also went on to win the Super Bowl that season. Note 3: Reader Shawn Dolan of Ottawa, Ontario, reports (and bear in mind that under Canadian rules, third down is fourth down): "In Saturday's Mitchell Bowl, the Canadian college football semifinal, the Queens Gaels faced third-and-2 early in the fourth quarter and went for it, getting the first down. Later, facing another third-and-2 near midfield and clinging to a three-point lead with three minutes to go, [they] went for it and converted. Queen's University held on to upset heavily favored Laval and secure a berth in the Vanier Cup, the championship game of Canadian college football."

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What a game, Canadian football at it's best, congrats to Queens Gaels for a great come back and becoming Vanier Cup champions! It was good to see a full house,good for the people of Laval.If I had to change anything in the game I would have liked Calgary score instead of the fumble and get to watch Queens QB pull of a big finish.

Yes, that was a very good game. It's too bad TSN had those technical difficulties (and right in the middle of that fake FG attempt that we really wanted to see the result of) but what we saw was very entertaining. Calgary had that big lead at the half, and I didn't think Queen's could come back from it. But they did, and we got an entertaining finish.

At least a few of the players in this game should have CFL careers ahead of them. DB Jimmy Allin, who was impressive on returns and had a pick yesterday, was mentioned in another thread, but is not drafted and I'm not sure what's in the future for him. But I understand that if there's a future CFL on the Gaels, it's DE Shomari Williams. I have been watching Queen's games for the past few weeks and he has impressed. I understand he's expected to be one of the first players picked in the 2010 draft.

Congrats to the Gaels.

DE Shomari Williams. <<<<<<<<<< Great talent has huge potential as a CFL starter

Two bad He'll never be a CFL QB.
He going to be an Acountant

Lol, it is something scouts look at though. He is the first qb I've ever seen who drops back and will stand completely still in the pocket, i mean no movement at all. At the pro level you have to be always moving and sliding to create throwing lanes or else defensive players will clog up your lanes and figure out your tendencies after one film session. Joe Theisman did a great job of showing this on the nfl network, he broke down a bunch of plays where Trent Edwards missed a lot of big plays down field from not moving/sliding in the pocket, because the defesive line knows how to block his view.

IF the CFL was serous about having the best talent available competing for roster spots Brannagan would be drafted, how anyone can come on here and be critical of the V.C MVP is beyond comprehension :roll:

He throws a good ball, but to make it in the pros he'll need to work on other areas of his game, standing completely still in the pocket will not fly at this level. Obviously every team wants the best talent on their roster they just dont have the practise times or money to spend on developing qb's who need a lot of work to correct things. Sadly if he was picked up by an NFL team he would get far better coaching than any CFL team would offer him.

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