It may have taken longer then anticipated but it is now official.

"Grey Cup officially sold out"

WINNIPEG (CP) - It's official: The Grey Cup game is sold out.

Grey Cup organizers made the announcement Friday, just two days before the Montreal Alouettes and B.C. Lions meet to decide the 2006 CFL champion. At the start of the week, about 2,000 tickets remained.

"The citizens of the city of Winnipeg and Manitoba have always demonstrated they are great supporters of the Blue Bombers and the CFL," Lyle Bauer, the president and chief executive officer of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, said in a statement. "The combination of a sold-out game and unparalleled Grey Cup Festival events will make the 2006 Grey Cup a celebration of Canadiana which will be remembered for years."

This marks the third time Winnipeg has hosted the Grey Cup.

In 1991, the Toronto Argonauts beat the Calgary Stampeders 36-21, while in 1998 the Stampeders needed a last-second field goal from Mark McLoughlin to earn a 26-24 victory over Hamilton.

we know but thanks! GREAT EH?

Hm. I guess now Winnipeg can support an NHL team, if one relocated there from a U.S. city like Nashville or Florida.

(rolls eyes very sarcastically)

Did we have any doubts?? It would sell out?

...well to all those chicken littles that thought this game would be a bust go eat crow....I knew the Peggers wouldn't let us go party and be safe....

I dont doubt that the fans in Winnipeg would be able to support an NHL franchise, but get this through that thick skull of yours-- Gary Bettman has repeatedly said that he wants 30 healthy NHL franchises right where they are-- so until Bettman is no longer the commish, you dont stand a chance.

does Wpg. even want another nhl franchise....after the way they got dumped on....there will be a lot of soul searching if that league ever wants to return.... on the part of Peggers'....and i don't think the majority will ever support that league again....UNLESS ...the Aspers make it very attractive... :wink:

Way to go, Winnipeg!!

The weather looks awesome which sure helps.
BTW screw the NHL, and now play some ball

Yes the weather will be just dandy for the game and the partying has been insane, I feel sorry for those of you who couldnt make it this year, it has been a blast, nobody parties harder than peggers.

I want snow just like the great 96 GC in Hamilton.
Awesome game, awesome atmosphere, the only downer was the game was not sold out in the Hammer.