Congrats to the O line!!

I will admit all last week I spoke bad about you guys like crazy after the performance with the Als but tonight the whole O line really stepped it up and gave casey some time and I am sure Jesse would be the first to thank you for his performance. The penalty's were way less and the ones that did happen rarely hurt us in the long run with the exeption of the Miles TD. All in all though Great game!


THanks man, that was very big of you. Go Cats!! :cowboy:

Way to go Hoogies..!!!!!!

Wasn’t sure what thread to pick this morning to comment on the game but chose this one. O-line, great job! Not that Printers, Lumsden, Piercy, Smith, etc. didn’t have to do anything on their own, of course not, but the O-line is where it all starts, needs to start. Great job boys!