Congrats to the LaPolice family ... It's a boy !!!

Many of us here in Hamilton will be happy to hear the good news that Tina and Paul LaPolice had their second baby early this morning out in Winnipeg.... :slight_smile:

Here's Tina's Facebook message:

He's here!! Joshua Grady LaPolice born at 4:22 am, 20 min after getting to the hospital!!! Happened so quick no time for an epidural!! 8lbs, 3 oz, 22 inches long. All doing fine and will be home tomorrow!! Thanks for all your well wishes!!!

Congrats to this great family on this happy occasion ! ...I'm sure Paul will buy all of us Tiger-Cats fans a cigar soon :lol: :wink: :cowboy:

Congrats to the LaPolice family. All the best to them.

hahaha.....Lapo is already training the new baby how to use the remote :lol: :lol: :lol:

Classic !

LOL what a cute little baby!!

And he has the same hair cut as dad!

I remember when Coach LaPolice was an assistant under Greg Marshall in 2004.

Got to speak to him on one occasion ... a real "stand up" guy.

Got his feet wet in the league under John Huard when that goof was coaching the Argos.

I remember talking to Paul back then and him telling me how Huard brought him up here, too, deiz.

Good guy. Congratulations to you and your wife, paul.