Congrats to the fans who stuck with the team

This has been a long week after last weeks embarrasment. I'm just glad there were some fans who had hope and still do. This team can still make things happen this year. I really believe that.

I want to bump this and totally agree with you GC06.
Everyone is complaining on how bad we are right now, and how we are out of the playoffs. Let's re-asses our position:
If the Eskis loose to the Lions tonite, we are tied with the Eskis and Argos for 3rd place in the east. They do how ever both have 1 extra game remaining. The Stamps and Riders are only 1 game ahead with the Riders having an extra game to play as well. Coming up we have 2 games againt the Riders, 3 against the Argos and 1 against the Eskis.
We are in great position still to make it in the playoffs. And while I have faith in the team, we are also in good position (god forbid it should come to this) to be able to take the cross-over.