Congrats to the Esks

Congratulations to the Esks who won a team victory against my Riders. Coach Ritchie Hall had some luck, contributions from unlikely sources and good execution down the stretch. My Riders squandered many opportunities to put the game away but credit to the Esks for hanging around. The Esks win and the re-emergence of the Ti-Cats makes the upcoming games more exciting. The Stamps are on a roll but better not take the Esks lightly. Strange things happen in the CFL and anybody (well almost anybody except the Leos) are capable of beating anybody on a given day.
Nice to see so many Rider fans in Edmonton. Half of the gate should go to the RIders coffers not the Eskimos!!! :rockin:

Rider Pride Nation Wide :cowboy: :smiley:

Will you take a cheque?