Congrats to The City of Champions

Congratulations to the 2005 Grey Cup Champion Edmonton Eskimos and the 2006 Western Conference Champion Edmonton Oilers for reminding all of Canada where The City of Champions truly is. Edmonton is 4 wins away from owning the Grey Cup and the Stanley Cup at the same time, for the first time since 1987. A truly magnificent accomplishment, to be sure.

I think those City of Champions signs outside the city need a fresh coat of paint, boys!!!!

It's a fantastic accomplishment for the franchises of Edmonton!

....truly worthy of the title so far....Go Oilers Go....a team playing with total heart and great effort....very inspiring...

....but what's up with the idiots after the game?....c'mon folks,you are going to be on the big time news here....having a PPCLI Division guarding Whyte Ave isn't going to look good, get with it sportsfans......

There was just a big discussion about whyte ave. on 630 ched. One caller thinks they should cage the trouble makers in a giant cage on whyte ave. and have them on display to the public. :lol:, that would be an old time public yoke's always the few that spoil it for the many, hopefully the few have been detained and won't cause any more problems...


.....No, Edmonton.....don't do it for the it for the of luck to you.....

do it for the jets..hahahahaha

.....why would the NY Jets have any interest in the Stanley Cup finals?..

I don't think they played in the WHA, RW, BUT THE WINNIPEG JETS SURE DID!!!


Congrats to the Oil on their amazing playoff run. I hope they do win , the fans deserve it after the class they showed in game 3 of the Conference Final.

Full of yourself much? Typical Edmonton attitude. PS. I will give credit where credit is due, but buddy, it had nothing to do with YOU! :thdn:

PS. Newsflash...only 1/2 of teams that play in the cup final end up winning it, don't get so ahead of yourself.

I miss the jets

I good to see support from the Oilers over the Jets, even those we know that you want us back to ensure your own survive, it's all good, I can't imagine a NHL w/o the Oilers but has the Jets, it's no fun having games against a city you have no rivalry with, which I'm sure you feel now when you play Phoenix.



Sorry to see how easily confused you are, rjb. Where exactly did I say that The Mighty Edmonton Eskimos winning their 13th Grey Cup in 2005, and The Mighty Edmonton Oilers making it to their 7th Stanley Cup Final in 2006, had anything to do with me? Are you really that stupid and jealous, that you have to make stuff up? I was congratulating the teams that have made these significant accomplishments, reminding us all why Edmonton truly is The City of Champions.

Oh, and thanks for pointing out the obvious, genious. Only 1 out of the 2 teams in the Stanley Cup finals will win it. Wow. You are really a mental giant. I never got ahead of myself either, Einstien. I said the Oilers were 4 wins away from winning The Stanley Cup, but that they've already won The Western Conference Championship. Do the math, bone head, and you will see that my statement was accurate.

Just ignore rjb935 he's just jealous of edmonton sports franchises and is trying to stir some s*** up.

Ahhh, all is understood now. Some quick research on rjb's posting history reveals that he is a Roughrider fan. His inferiorty complex and petty jealousy towards The Mighty Edmonton Eskimos is quite understandable.

If my team had 2 Grey Cups in its 75 year history, and their biggest rival had 13 Grey Cups in the past 52 years, I'd shove my head up my too, to avoid reality. No hard feelings, rjb. I actually take it as a compliment when Eskie haters spew their ignorance here. The Eskies must be doing something right, when fans of other teams hate them!