Congrats to the blue and gold

Very entertaining game at BC Place Stadium tonight. Great crowd on hand and two great football teams battling in a hard fought game. Congrats to the Bombers and their fans for a well-deserved win. You guys hung in there, played well and showed you are a tough team to beat.

Everytime I thought the Lions had it in the bag, you either limited us to a field-goal attempt (terrible game by P.M.) or forced us to punt. Dissapointed with our special teams tonight, 1/3 fg's and a fumble off of a kickoff. Overall a good game and although I'm a bit upset with the result, these things happen. Hope we bounce back next week.

Same to you RLR. Either team could have come away with the win tonight. I'm glad it was the Bombers but I certainly recognize and respect BC's on field effort tonight. They had me biting my nails right to the end. Good luck next week!

...Lions played well....Bombers just a little bit better...could have gone either way...i think a lot of people will now realize (including my son red) that the Bombers are not 'pretenders'...and it looks like we're back in first we just have to find a way to stay there....after a couple of weeks off... :thup: :rockin:

Thanks RLR, this game could of gone either way. It drove me nuts! We normally don't play well in BC Place. Have you got an update on DD status? I haven't heard anything for awhile.

DD will be out for a long, long time. He just started riding the bike this week, which is about the most physical activity he can do right now.

Buck is also banged up with sore ribs and turf toe. Right now I'm just hoping Buck gets healthier sooner than later because it looks like he's our guy for the long haul.

Buck looked scary good for the 1st couple of drives. I told my buddy since Buck started, that Buck Pierce will be a superstar in this league one day.

I agree with you. Once DD retires and it is Buck's team, I think he will take the opportunity and run with it. Obviously he is still young and inexperienced, but he is slowly learning. Of course it helps to learn from one of the best in the business, Dave Dickenson.

Buck just needs to get healthy this year so he can help the Lions out. We need him desperately.

Good game Bomber fans…

thanx rlr. nice to see good spirits throughout the league. I was disappointed in my blue many times during the game, but they did hang in. i feel sorry for simon becuase buck admitted he couldn't get the ball far enough for him and underthrew him a couple times, chances are if pierce could get the ball to him the outcome would have been very very different. good game by the lions as well.

I agree, Simon had 12 balls thrown to him and only 4 catches. He's too good of a receiver to have those kinds of numbers. He wasn't thrown the ball properly and it hurt us in many ways that game. When you lose a game by 1 point you tend to look at individual plays, but you also forget that the other team played great and hung in there.

Bombers played a good solid road game, Lions just didn't capitalize on their opportunities. Buck needs to get better as does Mccallum.

Thanks Guys!

Good call. the main problem for bc right nowi is lying upon buck pierce not being healthy enough in his foot to plant and throw the deep ball and mccallum really choked hard during the game. But almost every team is having a kicking problem so far so it just might be on of those seasons where field goals are going to become more valuable then normal.

A tip of my hat to Buck Pierce, the guy could barely stand upright the entire second half yet went the distance.

Special teams were clearly the difference in this one, Smarts fumble and the missed field goals probably cost the Lions.

The Lions will be looking for some revenge in the rematch, it should be a good one.

Good analysis Piggy. Special teams were the difference, but hey, full marks to the Bombers for this one, they played well, and Kevin Glenn is proving us "Skeptics" wrong as he continues to make smart choices.

Good game Bombers!