Congrats to the Argos and the Stamps

Congrats on your victories today.

Go Argos!!!

The matchup I wanted to see.

Go Stamps!!!

Great matchup!

Go Stamps Go!

Well deserved victory by both Toronto and Calgary.....Go Stamps

Go Stamps!!! It will be great to see KG get his first GC ring.

Both teams were red hot coming into the playoffs and both teams were the better teams in their respective games. Should be a great grey cup. Both Ricky Ray and Kevin Glenn are class acts and are both playing some of their best football in their careers.

Cant believe the Argos are going to the 100th after those botched short yardage plays in the 1st half but give credit to their defence, that’s the main reason they are playing in the 100th GC this year I would say.

Damn if Sasky hung on in cowtown we'd be in the GC. :expressionless:,they would've been clawed to death, they are not that good...

...congrats to the stamps, and kudos to the leos for a great game...

You can't draw that conclusion from today's results. The only thing we know for certain is that Calgary is better than BC (and Saskatchewan and Edmonton for that matter).

Yup, congrats to both the Argos and Stamps but.......there can only be one.

From a league standpoint this is the best possible scenario for the 100th GC... while BC "might" have brought a "slightly" bigger TV audience, the CFL & media can really build this up within Toronto & Southern Ontario - the 100th Grey Cup featuring the home team PLUS the city that started the Grey Cup festival. Couldn't be a better match up!!!! Go Stamps!!! :cowboy:

It's true! A fairy tale match up! I'm sure we all thought "what if" at the beginning of the season and thought the Argos actually, against tremendous odds, making it to the 100th Grey Cup would be the ultimate marketing bonanza for the league, but to have the Grey Cup festival instigators from Calgary show up too? THAT'S INCREDIBLE. What an amazing season this has turned out to be :thup:

Any bets on a horse in the lobby of the Royal York?

better to trot into the rogers head office building :smiley:

Better not have the trots in the rogers head office building :smiley:

Throw "no hockey" into the mix and the CFL really has the perfect storm. I REALLY hope the city of Toronto gets behind this and it helps create some interest and momentum that the league can build on in future years (all throughout Southern Ontario). All we need now is two or three changes in the lead in the last minute of play - with the Stamps winning of course :slight_smile:

Hopefully the NHL / NHLPA take the week off negotiations and stay out of the press, then they can get back to work.

Wow been on cloud nine all night now, lost my voice cheering, wow my fav team has the chance to be the 100th Grey Cup Champion, there can only be one!!!!!