Congrats to the Als-

Congrats to the Als and their fans. The better team won today. Congrats to my Riders for fighting until the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See you all at the Grey Cup!!!!!

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Agreed - as I wished in the Als forum, take it all the way! See you at GC…

congrats Als, your team played very well and you should be proud. If you can keep playing with intensity i can see a cup in your near future.

Well I said in an erlier post this week "may the team who wants it the most win". Congradulations Montreal on you win in the east semi final. Your team definately wanted it more.

I also said in that earlier post "If the Riders lose because they didn't play very well then it will be a tough one to accept." That is what happened. The riders now have the entire off season to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it.

congrats , the EAST FINAL should be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratz Als you beat us fair & square..your just a better team...NOW beat the Argos!!! GO MONTREAL!!

and congrats to you TB for a great season!

I hope your Riders go back home and take a a break and reload for next season.

can't wait to see the Bombers vs. Riders again, the Riders are gonna get bombarded! hahahaha!!!!

go Bombers and riders!!!

Thanks Montreal in beating Saskatchewan. Made my day.

Saskargo ? Hahaha...

Just thought I'd add my congrats to the post..... Als played much better than the riders, at least in the first half. Second half, well, they were up by 24, they didn't have to completely shut us down anymore.

Can't say I'll be cheering for Montreal come cup time, I'll probably stick to the west, but I think Montreal will beat Toronto next weekend.