Congrats to the Als

I said i'd be big enough to say this so let me be the first to say it......

Congrats to the Montreal Allouettes on going to the Grey Cup!

Thank you. Congrats to your Esks for playing a tough game and not quitting, even when you were down by a bunch. Every Als fan hates playing Ricky Ray because he can be so lethal downfield, and your D, by and large, were very strong in the trenches. The Goss injury was unfortunate and probably turned the tide in our favor with Jackson forced to play corner. It was a special-teams battle this afternoon.

And congrats to the Esks.........they played with heart, determination, desire, intensity, and never gave up. Edmonton fans have no need to hang their heads over this game; the team gave it everything they had, and were just beaten by a team that was better on the day.

Exactly. We were the slightly better team when it counted.

The Als are a great team and they proved it today vs. a team that played with a lot of heart. I'm proud of the Eskies, but I'm also very impressed with Montréal. And Mark Trestman's stock has just gone way up. He was the OC for both the 49ers and the Raiders the last time either team was a GOOD team. He never got the shot he should have gotten from Al Davis, but I'm really happy he got the chance to prove that Davis is out of touch with football now, and that he (Trestman) is a solid choice for Head Coach. He took a very talented but underachieving team to the Grey Cup in his very first season the CFL. That speaks volumes about front offices choice for coach, and for Trestman's abilities. He will be hard to keep in the CFL now, but lets hope he stays. He's GREAT for the league.