Congrats to SMITH and the ALS

Well it seems like the best GM in the CFL is back to focussing on the ALS. With the additions of TROY SMITH and Duran Carter and Sutton, it seems that POPP is back finding good talent.

I think the ALS will win the EAST and go to the GREY CUP- Troy Smith can be the best QB in this league. All the pieces are there to go to the CUP–

No more Calvillo distraction, and I feel the ALS can easily beat the ARGOS and Hamilton. Ricky RAY to me is completely washed up and was lucky to win a grey cup last season- Collaros is twice the QB that RAY is, and if the ARGOS dont protect COLLAROS and protect RAY it will be the worst decision after TILLMAN traded RAY for JYLES.

Hamilton will choke cause Burris cant perform under pressure or read a PRO DEFENSE–

I am very optimistic that this is the ALS YEAR and with TROY who has played in many big games, i think the ALS can take the GREY CUP.

Oh boy! Someone is excited :lol:

It takes time for a QB to develop into a consistent performer. Troy has all the tools but there will be growing pains over the next 15 to 20 games. Its important that fans understand that and the organization would be wise to broadcast that message.

As for the Als making a run, its always possible but highly unlikely, especially if they finish 3rd. There has not been an Eastern team win a GC from third place in FORTY THREE years. If they manage to win 3 games in a row and grab the home playoff game they have a better chance. It is usually the team that comes in fresh that has the best chance and with Smith,Carter and Sutton all on fresh legs...

Les Agarnottes prendraient un sérieux risque en ne protégeant pas Ray. Collaros devient agent libre en février prochain. En ne protégeant pas Ray, Desjardins pourrait le prendre dans son équipe et Collaros pourrait se retrouver dans une autre équipe en février prochain.

Les Agarnottes ont prolongé le contrat de Ray cette saison. Clairement, ils voient leur avenir immédiat avec Ray. Plus loin que ça, ça dépend de Collaros et de ses plans. Je crois tout de même que Collaros va trouver preneur en février, probablement à Winnipeg, maintenant que Joe Mack n'y est plus.

Right now Ricky Ray is the best QB in the league an barring injuries could be for the next five years. The man was 80 percent passing over the first third of the season which is unheard of and likely would have broken just about every single season record had he not been injured. Anyone who thinks Ray won't be protected. Knows absolutely nothing about the CFL.

Ray is an elite QB, the best in the league, and the only guy who stands a chance of breaking any of Calvillo's records. The Argos would be insane not to protect him. Not taking anything away from Collaros but he's far from proven. Ray could play for five more years and lead the Argos to multiple Grey Cups...

Love the excitement about Troy and the Als chances, but I agree with HfxTC: there will certainly be some growing pains. The hardest thing in the world to do is beat a good team in back-to-back weeks, and Hamilton will be very motivated. This is exactly where Troy's strength will be, though. He is a very experienced veteran who has play great in big games, and flopped in the biggest game of his life. That perspective has shaped him into a gifted QB with great maturity. My only worry is that with only two months of work under his belt, and the pressure he will be facing, there are going to be mistakes. If the Als win again on Saturday, it will be a complete team effort - Line blocking well, Sutton keeping the defense front on their heels, and Popp calling the right plays. I think that would be the same requirements if AC was trying to beat Hamilton in back-to-back weeks.
Let's go Montreal, would love to see them earn a home game in the playoffs!

Ray est le seul qui peut battre les records de Calvillo dans la LCF.

Mais pour ce qui est du record pour les gains aériens, je crois que Peyton Manning a de bonnes chances de le surpasser s'il demeure en santé et joue à son niveau actuel encore quelques saisons. Il va sans dire que ça suppose que Calvillo ne reviendra pas au jeu non plus.