Congrats to Simon and the Rider team

Congrats to Geroy for tying Ben Cahoon's all time catches record. Congrats to SSK [and the Lions] for putting on such an entertaining game. This is what the CFL is all about! One of the most reliable [if not most feared] receivers on the SSK roster is least in my opinion. I was looking for the guy all game. I thought maybe he wasn't playing and was relieved but alas...... Who gets the go ahead TD? Yep...Dressler! :cry: I must congratulate the SSK coach for that play near the end of the game. Bell [Lions hottest defender of the day] goes down and goes out of the game. Shell goes in as substitute. Shell is good but Dressler "undressed" him and Shell didn't have a chance on that play.

SSK's D played strong and I'm sure will make some adjustments when SSK rolls into B.C. Place in a few weeks. This was DeMarco's first start. It was hard for the opposition to prepare against him I would imagine because they've not seen him play all that much. But....SSK were ready for the Lions and the come from behind "almost" victory led by Durant showed it.

Had the Lions lost, SSK was fully deserving of the victory. I would not have been unhappy if the Lions ended up on the short end. In fact to be honest, I was expecting an SSK victory. I would have loved to have been in the stands. There were brilliant plays by both teams. Regardless, both teams played very well and this had to be one of the most entertaining games I've seen in a long time. Looking forward the game on October 04 in B.C.

The Riders played like garbage, same as the previous month of football...offensively anyways.

I thought this was a horrible game to watch start to finish.

:thup: :thup: :thup:

im glad Geroy didn't set the record during this game - I would rather him do so in a winning game or atleast in a well played - well reffed game so that way he will remember the catch years down the road and not a negative

You have to give the riders a little credit they did get over 39000 fans out of there seats. With 43 seconds left they did go into the lead. They could have easily chocked and it would have been game over.

I agree with you wholeheartedly swany. :thup: The way I see it, both teams did what the CFL is all about. Create nail biting excitement and wonderful entertainment for the fans. Had the Lions lost I would have been disappointed of course but… not unhappy at all. I for one felt thoroughly entertained. Both teams were deserving of the victory. This time the Lions came out ahead. Maybe next time it will be a different story. I thought Garrett’s reception in the corner for the TD at the end of the 1st half was absolutely fabulous! I thought Durant’s pass was an excellent pass as well.
The Roughriders were playing without the services of Sheets. That took away part of their running game. The Roughrider’s D was able to compensate by all but taking away the Lions running game. Harris was contained most of the game.

The re-match on October 04 should be a barn burner. I hope the Lions are well supported like the Roughriders were.

If one were to come from the bush and looked at just the #'s they would have a hard time believing that the riders are on a losing streak.