Congrats to Sean Whyte

For getting off the injured reserve just in time.

Congrats on 1k posts.
Well, Paris Jackson didn't do too badly but a real kicker would be nice.

During training camp Whyte actually exhibited a stronger leg than Mc Callum

Amazing how quickly those injuries heal! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Hope the kid does well in Edmonton.

…we’ve been after this kid for a couple of years…but couldn’t pry him loose from Wally…good thing the leos kept him…he’s a good one as you will see in schmoeville… :wink:

For good reason the Bombers were not able to pry him loose . I watched him in TC and was shocked to see Macallum get the starters job . Whyte looked head and shoulders above PM at camp at least . Sean was just nailind all his kicks perfectly . From what I saw his punts looked like they were all well above 50 yarders and his field goals all looked like they were equally impressive . Hopefully he can do that in game conditions.

...congrats Sean Whyte on getting his drivers license last week...seriously, he's like 15 or so isn't he?...good kicker though...

///told ya/// :wink:

The best part about his punts last night was the way he placed them right into the corner. Not much chance for Tristan Jackson to get any kind of a return on any of them.

I like the way this kid looks. Hate to lose Paul to an injury, but if this guy kicks the way he did against Edmonton all season, we won't miss him. Plus he's a BC boy, whichi s always nice for the fans. We've had good luck with homegrown kickers in the past. Maybe we've found the next Passaglia.

I think calling him the next Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuui is a bit much but he certainly looks very promising at least! Lets hope his performance can continue at this level.