Great win Vs. CALGARY.


I guess you needed that one! :thup:

Second place in the WEST. :thup:

3 and 3 :thup:

I only wish that MR. SUITOR didn't make a jerk of himself. I loved his article about the Canadian sports media , however there is a big difference between Q.B.s in the pocket [WYNN] and other players.

The TSN poll was close.

47% , thought the suspention was proper

53% , didn't agree with it.

But SUITOR , was over the top on this one. :thdn:

Who cares though , well done SASK. :thup:

Sask defence held the stumps to no touchdowns, well done.

Suitor is always over the top, he just wants everything to go for the Riders. Speaking of everything going for the Riders, it sure did in this game.. embarrasing performance by the Stamps, with the notable exception of Joffrey Reynolds. I CANNOT believe the play calling of Steve Burrato, this guy shouldn't be coordinating little league. So many mistakes, miscues, bad penalties, missed INTS, drops.. cripes.

Congrats Sask.. you did good enough to get the W, and that's what counts. See you at McMahon.

No kidding hellothere, they lit up the Stumps for the team they are…suspect at best. Why does Higgins look like he doesn’t know what is going on, every time the camera is pointed at him, seems like he’s asking “what the hell just happened”…you rock Neelon Burris…

Joffrey Reynolds would be the best back in the league if he had hand coordination. He can't catch and fumbles way to often.

He didn't miss any catches in this game.. he is the best in the league.

Statisticly he is the best. But there is much more to a back then just running stats. Joffrey fumbles probobly more then any back in the league.

.......but he still leads the league so there.....

.......only caught the last five minutes ofthe game, guess I didn't miss much.....good win Sask, see ya next week.....

Perfect example is last season. Not only did roberts have more yards..roberts had 450+ yards catching compared to reynolds 94. To say reynolds is a better back then roberts isn't very smart.

So far this season. Roberts has more yards overall run/pass, or well its extremely close. But Reynolds has 2 fumbles, roberts has 0. When you consider the amount of touches roberts gets..almost double reynolds...Thats amazing to have 0 fumbles in 7 games..

Roberts is a better back. <---period

Riders tried fumbling the win away, they probably would of, lucky they were playing the STumps..

.....Reynolds leads the league in rushing, deal with it.....

Reynolds also had far less touches and still barely trailed Roberts, and also fumbled the ball LESS than Roberts did last year. If we threw to him more often, he’d have better recieving yards too. It’s not his fault he gets 13 touches a game and Roberts gets 30.

…in any case, this thread is devoted to paying props to the Riders for winning in their own barn…good job riders…

YESSSSS!! ma boyz did it tonight :smiley: congrads to them and the 13th man :rockin: who WAS very loud tonight :wink:

Roberts gets almost double touches and fumbles the same amount of times.

Roberts had 2098 yards total last season.

Reynolds had 1547 yards total last season

To say reynolds is a more productive back is dumb.

Reynolds is no Roberts, never will be..he's just average at best...Go Roberts..

.......look you dummies, who leads the league in rushing?.......hmmmm? with it.......

Yeah, average.. that's why the entire commentary team calls him "The Amazing" Joffrey Reynolds. Because he's average.
He's #1.. that's not average.

You obviously don’t know much about football. To be a great running back you need to be able to run/catch and not fumble a crazy amount of times.

Great game Rider fans! Your team played solid tonight! The Stamps are still in their slump! Hopefully we will fix that next week!