Not your typical CFL FNF CLASSIC , but you played great defence and deserved to win , big time :thup:

Nice win for you guys/girls :thup:

See MONTREAL next week , hopefully for first place in the EAST :thup:

Sorry , WINNIPEG :wink: :lol:

Actually.....No matter what happens tomorrow in the MTl EE game, Next week in Toronto will be for first place

Well it was a typical enough game when you consider the two best defenses in the league went at it(sorry BC).

But thanks for the kudos.

Anyway, yes, first place next week will go to the winner of Montreal/TO, but how about those Bombers with a chance at a home play-off game?
If that doesn't pump up ticket sales for the Grey Cup, what will?

I dont either team really wants to finish first.The last two eastern finals between the Argos and Al’s was won by the visiting team. But if the Argos offence is as awfull in the playoffs as it was tonight the Bombers will destroy in the east semi-final.

of course they want to finish 1st... who wouldnt want a playoff bye. History is nothing...

Classy post hellothere!

This game was closer than it should have been, IMO. If Joseph had actually completed a few passes to his receivers, they might have gotten a few more points.

Congrats go to Mike O'Shea who notched his 1.000th tackle in his career, which puts him at 3rd all-time. IMO, he is a future Hall of Famer, one of the most underrated guys in the CFL.

Danny Barrett should be drawn and quartered for leaving Joseph in the game. Its obvious that his injury is hampering his performance. If Crandell is ready to play, why not give him a chance to get into game shape? The last thing the Riders need is a cold QB to come into a playoff game because Joseph gets hurt, and the possibility of that happening is very real.

Kudos also should go to Kenton Keith, who has quietly put together a 1.000 yd rushing season. He has concentrated on football recently, and the results are showing in his play. I still think he will be gone before the next year, Bracey looks like he can take over for Keith and at a bargain as well.

I will say congrats to hellothere on the classy post as well. One last thing , the officials were not noticeable in this game, no controversial calls, no instant replays in the game either. Its the way every game should be officiated, but unfortunately they arent, but the officials deserve a big :thup: for one of their better efforts of the year.

One last thing, the Kick for a Million promotion was a huge bust. The guy did make a couple of field goals, but he had no chance on the longer field goals, no wonder he got picked to try the FGs. He did get $25 000 worth of stuff, but thats a lot cheaper than a one-time payout of a million dollars which the company probably did not want to dole out this time around.

I said to Mrs way this guys gonna kick over 30 yards, His belly was extended at least that far :slight_smile:
But the fact he made those two kicks under the microscope of thousands of fans & viewers was hardly a bust..I was cheering for the guy all the way!!!

Considering that last years winner only got 25 grand a year for 40 years, and this years winner would have received the cash upfront, I doubt Wendy's was too concerned over the prize amount.
In fact, this contest has been a fantastic public relations ploy by Wendy's and they can't spend a million and get better publicity.

As for the kicker himself being a bust, he made 2 out of 4. Last years winner only made 1 in 4, albeit the big one.
Hey. I watched it. I never watch halftime crud!

Big success.

First of all he was not picked because of his ability or lack there of to kick the field goal. It was a random draw.

Furthermore, Wendy's would not be the one to dole out the cash, It would have been some insurance company who took the risk for say 200,000$ He makes the field goal they pay. He misses and they pocket the 200,000$

I don't know.
It's tax deductible for Wendy's and they likely spend that much per day/week on advertising.
Certainly a million dollars worth of ads will not get them nearly this much attention.

Sure but why pay a million when you can get the same advertising dollar for 1/4 the price

....definitely the biggest thrill at the game last night was the kick for the big cash...I was hoping the guy would come away with something...which he did...but the big kick for the mill. was totally out of this guys range...good try though....Congrats to the Riders...a big thank-you from the Bombers....looks like Argos choked :lol: .....

Because Wendy's would then take on the risk but also reap the rewards of not having to pay out a million dollars and instead, in this case paying out only $25,000.

Insurance on something like that would be outrageously expensive.
Even in your example you pegged it at 200 thou.
They gave the stat before he kicked.
Even the so-called pros in the CFL have only hit from 50 yards about 50% of the time.
Wendy's mill is actually pretty safe most years.

Anyway, it doesn't matter.
It was as entertaining as a halftime show gets, and it is definately a huge success for Wendy's and the CFL, however it is done.

That two back set for the Argos has got to go, or stay if your not an Argo fan. In any case thanks Riders for keeping the Bombers hopes of a home playoff game alive.

Anr ro is correct, my wifes cousins husband (this is true) works for the company that sells these policies, not unlike the hole in one at a golf tourney. They also do bonuses in many of the contracts, you know, rush for 1500 yards, get an extra $10,000 that sort of thing.