Congrats To Sask and ty I hope....

Just wanted to say ty to Rider fans (best fans in the league by the way...thats coming from long time als Fan)maybe our president Larry Smith will get rid of Bellefeuille with this third loss in a row...his dumb underneath bull is getting tiresome....maybe we can get Gainer the Gopher to be our offensive coordinator, Bellefeuille has to go and we need a REAL head coach.... :? :roll:

Well I think that is part of the problem but Popp is no haed coach and that is showing. Riders played a good game.

I agree not taking anything away from the Riders they played well...but for the Als the bleeding has to stop some how

Thanks. Hang in there though ... btw, Gainer's under contract - not available to replace Marcel ... sorry 'bout dat.

Riders played much better today, I am still concerned about the secondary. They need someone to step up and show leadership back there.

Als are making Hamilton look good these days. Most disappointing team in the CFL right now for sure.

I feel your pain Alsfan. Remember we had him for a while. Best guy at calling 6 yard outs on second and 8 that I've ever seen.

What is it with Popp? Basically every one knows that Bellefeuille is a terrible OC coach. The defense for the Als is suspect as well. To bad the Als were a good team.

I think Popp has to admit he is no head coach as well as MB is no OC!

Well it does seem that sense Mathews leaving this team has slid downhill. This team needs better coaching no doubt about it.

I don't think it was coincidence the Als only real success came when they started throwing passes over 6 yards.

I was just happy that the game picked up after that 4-2 1st quarter.

I could see that.

Montreal used to be the Edmonton (or maybe even BC) of the East. Now htey are looking less than stellar.

Calvillo did have flashes of greatness but I really think that their OC has hurt the Alouette team.

Actually I think AC played a good game.
410 yards after 3 weeks off is impressive.
Mind SSK did give up the shorter pass to protect against the deep ball

Even if you take away all the yards he racked up at the end with the prevent defense out there, he had a solid day considering it was his 1st game back after injury.