Congrats to Quinton and the Cats tonight!

Great job by the team tonight!


Defence shut the door on the Leos in the 2nd half...made the stops when they had to!

Setta? Solid as usual!

Quinton Porter? Another win under his belt -- great that he could go wire to wire.

And AB3 wasn't a necessary factor...

All in all, a very satisfying game to watch! WELL DONE!

Oski Wee Wee,

Well, I guess commentary on Porter's play and debates about him were inevitable. Might as well have them here.

Porter was 17/31 for 171 passing yards with a TD pass and a pick. There were times he looked like he had quick release and was improving. He also gained 51 rushing yards on 5 carries. But there were times he got very good protection from offensive line (who had GREAT game, by the way) and looked like he lacked experience. And that pick? Awful pass. But he was as good as he needed to be, although if one player on offence deserves credit, it's Cobb.

The D did well, in 2nd half in particular. At BC Place, there was almost a goal line stand, but this time, a fumble was forced and recovered on goal line, which was rightly considered game's turning point. No points were given up in 2nd half by the team. But offence deserves credit for long drives, keeping BC offence off the field.

A good job done by the Ticats tonight. And wait'll we start using AB3.

No objection to what you stated re Porter. Growing pains while winning does soothe the high blood pressure witnessing it at times. LMAO :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

A win is a win, stats be damned.

Restore the roar!

There is not one point here BYF. that I can disagree with.. yes there was some mistakes.. but this team has learned to shake them off and go out stronger next down!

Porter had a few “moments” (poor judgement), but he is progressing every week. We may see Glenn from time to time (it’s a long season and having a numer 2 that can step in can win 2-3 games in a season). But I don’t think there’s any question that Porter is the man, and I think he sealed the deal tonight. People have to remeber that he’s started less than 10 games in the CFL. Compare his play to Kelly’s hero in Winnipeg. Marcel believes in Porter and so do I…

Cobb is amazing.The whole offensive line played very well tonight.Porter is starting to prove he belongs at #1.I bought season ticketets for the remainder of the season on Tuesday and we went to our 1st game in 3 years.It was a great experience,My 12 year old son has converted from the NFL to the Ticats (for the time being)Can't wait for the next game.That was entertainment PLUS :rockin: :rockin: :cowboy: :cowboy:


I remember there being some concern after that pick, there was talk of crowd being silenced and momentum being in BC's favour. But I said in the game thread that I wanted to see Porter get back in there and show that he would not let that get to him and get the job done. And that's what he did.

Porter seemed to improve, and he needs to keep on improving. We should see fewer mistakes from him as he gains more experience.

And THAT will only translate into more wins!!!!

Nice to see other guys stepping up to secure the win tonight. :thup: :smiley:

I hope somewhere Bob is sitting there with a big grin on his face. :thup: :lol:

Agree with everything you say.

Porter's inconsistency provided a little nervousness at times, but he did overcome it and is still improving.

I’ve never seen him without one.

Also in Porter's defence, he had a couple of big drops as well.

I don't get it. How does that defend his inconsistent play?

Davis dropped two he should have had and Hudson had a couple of holding penalties that hurt. But not unusual for any game really.

It makes his inconsistent play less so. Two drops (both on what would have been big plays) changes everything. Besides, his play wasn't as inconsistent as you say IMHO.

I would never attribute dropped balls to a QB. Don't know why you do.

Besides, his play wasn't as inconsistent as you say IMHO.
When I say he played inconsistently, I refer to his decison making. At times it seems crisp, firm and decisive, and at other times I find him to be slow and a bit confused and indecisive. BUT, over all he did good and is getting better. I liked what I saw from Porter tonight.

Davis had 2 catches that he should have made.

Also, Cobb had a tough time catching the ball out of the backfield. He also dropped 3 balls.

Did Porter make some poor decisions? Yes he did but he looked good tonite. Does AC make poor decisions? Yes, yes he does.

Porter proved tonite that the coaching staff has made the right decision in going with him. He moved the ball and put up TDs. There are still going to be naysayers on here saying it was more Cobb than him but Porter was good tonite. If he can do this week in, week out, we are going to be a very competitive team.

How exactly does that make one a naysayer?

Can't one argue that it was more Cobb than Porter and still give credit to Porter for a good game?

What am I missing here?

People who want Glenn to start, will make the case for him to. They won't give Porter the credit for moving the offense with the help of Cobb. They will say that the realy reason why we won was because of Cobb.

Cobb and Davis make some of their catches that they dropped and Porter is well over 200 yards passing.